Top 5 Tableware Trends You Must See!

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Table Decoration Ideas and Trends | Home Interior | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Nothing sets the scene for a lovely evening quite like a beautifully dressed table all set for dinner. Beautiful tableware shouldn’t be saved for Christmas and special occasions. With some imagination, your table can look stunning every mealtime. 

Tableware goes through trends from the type of fabric for table cloths to the colour and shape of porcelain and glassware. It all changes over time so here are some of the key trends for this year that will make your table stand out. 

Go monochrome

Black and white is always a classic combination for many interior elements but this year these contrasting colours are adorning our tables. Think sophisticated and modern with black square plates against a crisp white table cloth. Or turn it on its head and opt for a black stunning table cloth with white plates edged in black. 

You can keep the theme through the rest of the table with black stem wine glasses and white or black-handled cutlery to go with the plates. Offer your guests black and white polka dot napkins to lighten the theme. Or go with white for sophistication. 

You can add to it with placemats and candlesticks. There is no limit to the number of ways you can include black and white contrasts within your tableware layout. 

Getting back to nature

Think natural materials and green and earth-colours to create a really natural table theme. Wooden bowls teamed with grass-reed placemats on a crisp cotton table cloth or a teal table runner bring the outdoors in. 

Look for wooden goblets to replace glasses and go for green candles and napkins to create a real mother earth feel. Instead of a vase of flowers for a centrepiece use a growing plant in a decorative pot. It’s all about getting back to our roots and being environmentally friendly. 

Mix and match tableware

Who says tableware all has to match? This year sees a trend for mixing and matching different styles. Combine a set of old china plates with modern glasses, or use delicate crystal ware with modern slate plates. Old china patterns can be mixed and matched with other unique tableware in different colours or styles. It’s all about using a handful of classic items with a few modern ones thrown in. 

Exotic spice

If you are looking for tableware which will tempt people to try your food then think exotic spice colours. These warming colours are as appetising to your eyes as the food will be to the rest of your senses. 

Rust, turmeric, chilli and paprika. These warm red and yellow colours make up the palette for this spicy theme. Use it in your table cloth and napkins for an overall warming feel. 

Or if you prefer, use them as accent colours, perhaps just for the napkins, or placemats, rather than throughout the whole table. Add a bunch of silk flowers in the spice colours to bring the table to life. 

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Unusual shapes

Traditional round plates are nowhere to be seen in the tableware trends for this year. With unusual shapes the order of the day. Not just square plates but asymmetrical plates and curves in all the wrong places are making an entrance for 2019. 

Get creative with your table layout by using unusually shaped plates and bowls. You can clash the shapes with round placemats under square plates. And go for glasses with unusual stems, to create talking pieces around the table. 

Tableware that’s easy to maintain 

So this year sees a really practical update to tableware meaning that your best plates and glasses no longer all need to be hand-washed carefully after every use, taking time and effort. 

Above all 2019 is all about beautiful tableware which can also go straight into the dishwasher or be used in the microwave and the oven, without any problems. So you don’t have to worry. 

This robust tableware is also chip-free and less likely to break if it’s accidentally dropped or put down roughly onto a table – think beautiful and stylish without all the hassle and maintenance. 

Bright colours

Move away from traditional white and ivory for table decorations and table cloths and go for bright bold colours – think turquoise plates on a yellow table cloth or orange napkins next to green plates. It’s all about the colours this year with bright, bold and clashing contrasts. 


Tableware has moved on from very traditional into a new era with different shapes and bright colours the order of the day. Tables can be made beautiful without necessarily looking formal. 

For those who want to be more green-conscious then your tableware can reflect this ethos too with natural materials and items made from recycled wood. It’s entirely up to you but this year is certain to see much more creativity when it comes to dressing the dining tables across the nation. 

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