8 Ways How To Dress Antique Seating In a Modern Home

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Spend any amount of time on Pinterest looking at home interiors inspiration and you’ll see the juxtaposition between old and new in many of the perfect styled images. With antique seating and vintage seating becoming one of the main focal points when dressing a room.

The question though is how do these Pinterest stylists manage got create the perfect balance that keeps these rooms looking modern and on-trend. Similar to an A-lister’s home and less like your grannie’s front room from the ’60s. We’ve discovered 8 great tips on how to dress vintage seating in a modern home.

First of all, however, do note that there are no set rules for mixing antique and modern and it may take a little trial and error to get your vintage piece to fit seamlessly in your home and to your taste.

Blending in

We’ve already spoken about seating being a focal point in any room. If you want to create a subtle look why not try painting the vintage piece the same colour as the wall. This helps it to blend in with the rest of the room, while you can add bold colours and textures with different textiles to create a wow factor.

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Antique focal point

Flip the previous trick. Paint everywhere white and keep all other furniture in the room neutral colours and let the antique piece become the focal point and great conversation starter.

Team with modern counterparts

What about a modern table with vintage chairs? Add an element of Hollywood glamour with knocker back chairs teamed with a high white gloss dining table for that in-vogue look that is sweeping Instagram right now. We’ve found some great chairs here from Wayfair.

8 Ways How To Dress Antique Seating In a Modern Home 2
Photo Credit: Sharon Mimran

Mix and match

Wanting to add character? Why not mix modern chairs with more traditional older pieces to create that rustic feel around your dining room table?

Create a modern opulence

Think about mixing a modern chandelier and rich colours with a large grand opulent Queen Anne Armchair to bring a period classic look to your home. An antique mirror and large wingback chair combination within a modern setting really add to that high-end designer look.

Covering antique seating

Another way to bring the old to the new is to take an old regency or Louis Bergere chair and cover it in a bold modern fabric to give it a whole new lease of life. You can pick up fabrics both online and usually in the haberdashery department of department stores. Clarke and Clarke fabrics are one of my personal favourite materials for creating modern looks with a vintage twist.

You don’t have to break the bank

Sometimes you become seduced by TV programmes purchasing brand new pieces designed to look like vintage items for a hefty price tag, however, you can head to your local car boot sale or auction house and pick up vintage pieces and antique seating for next to nothing. Spend a little time restoring and upcycling them so they fit seamlessly into your home. You could always check eBay too for some great bargains.

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Use other people for antique seating inspiration

If you’re not very good at visualising the end-result then why don’t you take inspiration from other people on both Instagram and Pinterest to find styles you like then emulate them by purchasing similar items and using the same colour schemes. This works well for trying to see if a vintage seat would work well in a space similar to yours.

If you simply follow some of our tips and work with visualising the end result then you’ll have a great time creating your desired look to look elegant and sophisticated and less like a museum.

Have you got any tips for bringing antique and vintage furniture together with modern decor? I’d love to know below.

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  3. I love when people can bring old and new styles together and make them work together to create something awesome and eye catching!

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