The Modern Marriage – Just how far has marriage come?


It’s funny. It only seems like the blink of an eye that I was running care free around a schoolyard and now my life is flashing past my eyes.

As I’m currently on my way to my best friend’s hen party as you read (yes she’s having a second one after her Ibiza jaunt). It got me thinking about the modern day marriage.

Having recently attended my first gay wedding the other week, marriage has certainly moved on from when my Nana got married to her beau in the roaring 40s. Although it’s interesting that the post-war 1940’s style lace and florals have made their way into today’s wedding themes. As a Vintage-kitsch with shabby chic and cute tea sets being the centre stage of weddings.

In a study compiled by Slater & Gordon Family & Personal Matters, they asked participants about #TheModernMarriage, these are their findings.

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Isn’t it funny that 14% of those surveyed feel that they are happy to start a family without marriage? After experiencing the last few years of close friends planning weddings, I can honestly say I’m hand on heart in full agreement with this statistic. It’s too much drama and hassle for one long day and one extremely expensive piece of paper! That’s just my opinion though.

I’m that kind of girl after seeing the strains and stresses of all of these nuptials (even leading to divorces) that would get on a flight to Vegas, and head straight to the Little White Wedding Chapel. No fuss or stress and you know what, no losing sight of what’s important. I think some people lose sight of what’s important when they plan a wedding.

What happens when it goes wrong?

It’s so interesting to see and probably my favourite statistic (not that I’m sombre or anything), divorce parties are actually a thing. Has the world gone mad? Would you host a divorce party? I mean do you wear all black or what? Brad has had one, Katie Holmes has had one and Robin Thicke has had one. Mind blowing.

What do you think about #TheModernMarriage? Are you married or getting married? Or are you anti-marriage? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below

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