The BEST Grammar Tool You Can Have When It Comes To Writing

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When you spend your life writing content not only for people to consume but also as marketing efforts for brands and agencies it is incredibly important to ensure that you are consistent and coherent as well as eliminating as many spelling and grammar errors as possible.

I’ve said it time and time again in our dedicated Facebook Group (which you should join) where our collection of sassy blog and business owners meet up to discuss tips and help each other out, that my most recommended tool for pre-publication of any content is Grammarly.

You may have seen people talk about how great Grammarly is before. For those of you who have used it chances are that you’ll have never looked back. If not, then let me introduce it to you. I stumbled upon Grammarly after watching an advert on a YouTube video a little while ago. Intrigued I headed to their site and created my FREE account. As I typed my post into the site I was instantly impressed that not only did the spelling errors show up, it also helped me to further correct my sentence structure to improve it.


Another great feature is the real-time checking and the word count counter found at the bottom of the Grammarly site. Already written a document? Simply upload it and Grammarly will check it for you in a more thorough manner than any other spelling and grammar checking application or software.

Grammarly also offers a ‘clip-on’ meaning, anything that you type in your internet browser is spell-checked as you go. Proofreading your post prior to you pressing send. The benefits with Grammarly, in which I have personally discovered include a more eloquent writing style. As Grammarly corrects your sentence structure it is not just a simple tool. It has far greater benefits than that. This smart installation also helps educate you on writing professionally too.

Now Grammarly is even integrated into writing in WordPress, which means that creating content has never been simpler. Simply check your content as you go and really eliminate the errors on your site in real-time, which is incredible as this will help you rank higher in search engines results as the more accurate your content, the easier it is for the likes of Google to pick your content up for people looking for things that you’re writing about!

Grammarly ibiza-sunset-boat-elle-blonde
Credit: Infin8 Life, Ibiza

With a FREE account

You are able to have perfectly corrected text. With the Premium upgrade which costs from $11.66 a month this service offers and additional 150 advanced checks which make your sentences your best yet. The customised checks also can be applied to more than 30 different document types from academic essays to business emails. The clever creators at Grammarly have also included a plagiarism feature. This checks over 8 billion web pages to put your mind at ease about unintentionally borrowing content.

If you’re writing for a living, for educational purposes or just for fun then you really need Grammarly in your life. It’s one of the tools I use on a daily basis & one that you should use too.

Check Grammarly out here

Do you check out all of your articles before you publish them? We’d love to know your process that you go through prior to publishing anything online. Drop your thoughts and checklist in the comments section below to help others out. There may be some tips you can pick up from others too as collaboration over competition is everything!

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