Why you need to be writing better headlines for your blog 

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There’s no doubt about it, content is King (or Queen if you’re a Female Entrepreneur), especially when it comes to your website (and writing better headlines for traffic). You’ve gone to the trouble of writing great blog posts to not only grow your organic reach on search engines. But to also attract more traffic to your site. Yet you’re still not seeing results right? It’s probably because you need to be writing better headlines for your blog.

You see, you should be creating engaging headlines that make people want to click to read the full article over just a basic boring headline in which they’re going to skim straight past. 

The art of better headlines

There’s an art to creating a great headline that’s been tried and tested time and time again. There are several aspects to creating a converting headline. These include the number of power words, emotional words and even common words you use in your headline. 

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It also includes how many characters you’re using and how many words. Alongside this, there’s the aspect of the purpose of the headline. It also takes into account if you’re writing a list or a general heading. What the sentiment is for your headline is it a positive or negative headline. Gossip sites and newspapers often opt for negative sentiment to get views and clicks whilst we will opt for a positive sentiment as we offer helpful tips and advice. Finally how scannable is your headline? What are the first 3 and last 3 words as usually, this is all people read before deciding if they’re going to click to read more.

Sounds complicated right? Wrong. It’s super easy to create the perfect converting headline when you have the right tool. We recently did a split A/B test where we showed 10 different posts with 2 different headlines over on our sister site elleblonde.com and with a stronger headline we had a 32.7% increase in conversion rates over a 2 month period.

This was that impressive that we’ve decided to go through older posts and not only SEO optimise them (to drive more traffic. We’ll discuss that in another post) but also to change the headlines into more reader-friendly and higher converting titles.  So it really does pay to take the time to curate the ideal headline.

If you’re just looking at ‘how to start a blog‘ it’s really important that you note some of these tips down to begin with as writing better headlines from the beginning will help you get off to a great start.

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The secret ingredient

Get to the good bit already, how do we do this? With this easy free website CoSchedule. Simply sign up (it’s free to use) and then head to the title bar, add your title and then press ‘Analyze Now’ to see your score. If it’s not in the high 70s+ you’ll need to work on it. It’s a foolproof guide which will show you just how to increase your score with length, word usage and more until it’s scoring well. Bookmark the page and any time you’re wanting to write better headlines for your blog posts, do make sure you use it as every single view counts.

We show you how to drive more converted traffic to sales and more in our ‘Business Academy’. As well as how to grow your audience, creating the perfect content and more. Check it out in more detail below


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