Gin Lovers Unite. It’s National Gin Day!

With National BBQ week the week before last and today being National Gin Day, it’s safe to say Summer is nearly here! Surviving the fraught aftermath of the election it’s time to let our hair down and focus on things that really matter today. Gin.

Having visited the Gin Festival in Newcastle last year and acquiring a taste for a cocktail tipple this rather twee spirit has been gaining popularity massively in the last few years. With a Granda who absolutely adores Gin especially The Lakes Distillery ‘The One’, we have become quite the family of Gin drinkers.


Today is National Gin Day and to celebrate we’re talking about all things Gin, and most importantly. The tonic. If 2/3 of your drink is a mixer then surely you should be enjoying great quality tonic? That’s why Fentimans put so much love into their little glass bottles to make for a perfect pairing.

You know what I love about the vintage allure of a Fentimans bottle? The botanical brewing. This time-honoured technique uses a combination of infusion, skilful blending and the fermentation of natural ingredients to create an unparalleled taste to enhance the flavours of your Gin.

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Mix it up

It’s not just tonics that the guys produce, they make my favourite Rose Lemonade in the world! Seriously that stuff served over ice on a hot Summer’s day is amazing! This has now been made all the more perfect with the introduction of their Rose Lemonade and Bloom Gin pre-mixed bottle.


Perhaps you like a strong measure? I know I do! Fentimans have it covered especially with their Botanical Tonic which would be perfect for recreating The Botanist style cocktails.

Gin & Hayfever

Here’s a fact for you, saying as I love my random knowledge. If you suffer from Hayfever, Gin helps to alleviate the symptoms. I don’t know how or why all I know is that it’s certainly worth a shot!


Do you love Gin? What’s your favourite brand? I’d love to discover unknown brands! Have you got a signature Gin cocktail? I’d love to know the recipe! Drop a comment below.

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