Meat:Stack – The BEST Burgers in Newcastle are found here…

I’ve said it before and I will SHOUT it again and even the Chronicle recognised that even the Secret Diner agrees with me. The best burger in Newcastle is served at The Grind (now known as Meat:Stack). Located in No28 on Nelson Street right in the heart of the city. They are absolutely the tastiest burgers ever.

Having raved several times about the food here, I took my mum along. Unbelievably she said ‘if the secret diner is recommending it then it must be good’. Huh, I suppose that’s mums for you listening to strangers rather than their own children!!!


Going along the short alley and up the stairs to No 28 reveals a quirky and very eclectic bar. With furniture ‘thrown’ together from what looks like a selection of refurbished pub’s skips. That’s what adds to the charm of this bar it’s not pretentious and doesn’t expect you to be either.

A warm and welcoming place that attracts a really mixed crowd. It’s shabbily comfortable and relaxed. The staff are wonderfully friendly and you get a real vibe that they are enjoying themselves too. It’s not swanky or contemporary, the decor is a bit ropey but what it is though; is a great bar serving tremendous food.

Meat:Stack - The BEST Burgers in Newcastle are found here... 1The menu is short and simple and that is definitely their trick. They don’t serve much but what they do is exceptionally good. There’s a selection of half a dozen burgers, wings and fries. And a couple of puddings for anyone with a sweet tooth. They do a Monday to Thursday special of burger, wings and fries for a tenner which is great value but the food is well priced anyway.

Burger on Burger

Mum opted for the triple burger on this occasion with Truffle and Parmesan fries, I selected the cheeseburger with filthy fries.

the_grind_newcastle_no28_best_burgers_in_newcastle_elle_blonde_luxury_lifestyle_blog-1We ended up sharing the mountain of fries and we were both delighted at our choice of burgers, they were divine.

A couple at a neighbouring table thoroughly enjoying their food. They commented to us that someone had obviously experimented in-depth to come up with the best possible flavour combinations for these burgers. We all agreed they were excellent.


I was surprised and delighted that my mum had loved the superb food and the quirkiness of the bar. And she agreed that I was right (YES! that must be a first) about it being the best burger in Newcastle and we can’t wait to go back.

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