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ELLEfluence Blogger Event: Rub Smokehouse, The Gate, Newcastle

Last night we hosted another blogger event at Rub, a newly opened smokehouse in Newcastle’s largest hospitality complex, The Gate. Situated on the second floor conveniently next to the elevator Rub hosts a comprehensive menu full of delicious smokehouse food.

Think brisket, burritos, pigs in blankets and the most calorific desserts you could ever dream of. Comparing it to one of our favourite Vegas eateries the Heart Attack Grill (we know if you know you’ll now know how awesome it is with that claim).

Rub is also home to the 2-4-1 cocktail, all day every day.

So with cocktails being top of the menu we knew we were in for a treat offering our ELLEfluencers an evening of cocktail making with Rub’s very own award winning mixologist Joe, winner of the Ophir Gin World Championship.

Arriving in their droves our ELLEfluencers posed for a quick sELLEfie (don’t you worry I’m going to keep them coming!) before they were treated to a gorgeous green cocktail containing Gin, Midori and Lemonade garnished with a slice of kiwi, while our non-alcoholic cocktail was a twist on the Strawberry Blonde Mojito.

Photo: Laura Pearman Photography Photo: Laura Pearman Photography

As they posed and pouted for their obligatory and official ELLEfluence event photo they all took a colour coded seat, all will be revealed shortly.

L-R: Laura, Steph, Gemma &  - Photo: Laura Pearman Photography L-R: Laura, Steph, Gemma &  – Photo: Laura Pearman Photography

Having taken their seats, Joe introduced himself and began talking about the cocktails that the group were going to be making for themselves that evening, whilst competing for the ultimate prize, some Rub goodies.

Photo Credit: Laura Pearman Photography  Photo Credit: Laura Pearman Photography

For the first round, heading to the front for a slice of the action was a member of each team. Measuring (with a heavy hand) into the shaker under Joe’s guidance and then shaking what their Mamma gave them before serving up to the rest of the team mates, as laughter echoed around the room over the sounds of the cheesy 80s funk the teams sipped on their cocktails that had just been created as the fabulous team at Rub dished out more cocktails to showcase the whole of their menu.

Photo: Laura Pearman Photography Photo: Laura Pearman Photography

As we switched it up for round two the cocktails were moved to the tables and as Joe demonstrated at the front the rest of the guys followed suit, again rather heavy handed with their spirits they began pouring and mixing serving up a storm.

Of course, no cocktail masterclass is complete without a Facebook Live and in true ELLEfluence fashion it was time shake things up. Heading over to the tables armed with Sweet and Salty cards we were ready to play a game of True or Dare live in front of Rub’s Facebook fans.

From who are your top five heroes as answered by the lovely Toni from Fashpreneur it was a toss up between her fabulous response of her parents being her top two heroes and Laura from What Little Pea Loves stating (without being prompted) that the best thing to happen to her blog was discovering ELLEfluence – I know cute right?!

These ladies totally were the cuties of the evening. Mrs Salty without a doubt and winning yet another crown for her efforts of holding a stock cube on her tongue for nearly a minute was, of course, Newcastle’s most stylish, Lady Pixie from Fashion Voyeur.

Paul from Nights out in Newcastle  | Photo: Laura Pearman Photography Paul from Nights out in Newcastle  | Photo: Laura Pearman Photography

As the cocktails were continuing to be shaken and the Facebook live takeover in full swing, Rub dished up pigs in blankets, mini sliders, pulled pork nachos and for the vegetarians veggie burritos.

Lining their stomachs our ELLEfluencers headed back to their tables where the competition was resuming. Cocktail after cocktail, heading their way down, the cocktail list was being made and enjoyed, shots were aplenty (this was not your average blogger event – we don’t do average). Points were being won and the competition became fierce.

Photo: Laura Pearman Photography  Photo: Laura Pearman Photography

It all came down to the final round ‘Ready, Steady, Shake’ where each table was given a mixture of ingredients, alcohol and mixers where they had to create their on concoction with Joe being the judge.

As candy floss, flakes, foam and fun were thrown about some amazing creations were forming in front of our eyes there could only be one winner and it was the cocktail created by Chloe, Marie, Pixie, Toni, Lorna & Nicola. Well done girls it looked gorgeous.

As the night drew to a close and the final drinks were being sipped the bloggers headed home battling the horrific floods and stormy weather Newcastle had been graced with. Heading home with a Brownie from Brownie Heaven as supplies for on the way to help them sober up.

Where’s your brownie? Simply print the coupon out below, hand to one of Rub’s AMAZING staff members to redeem with every spend over £20 at Rub, Newcastle from now until 24th December.

ELLEfluence Blogger Event: Rub Smokehouse, The Gate, Newcastle 1

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