5 Top Tips For Banking Massive Black Friday Savings

For several years now I have taken holidays in America (mainly for Black Friday) towards the end of November mainly to celebrate my birthday which falls on the 26th but more recently because the USA is the most wonderful place to be on the last Thursday of November when Thanksgiving is being celebrated.

For me being a complete shopaholic what is even better is staying awake all night and hitting the infamous Black Friday sales which all start as soon as it hits midnight.

Watch out for Door Busters

Over the years I have picked up some fantastic ‘door buster’ bargains from my £400 Ralph Lauren jacket at $20 totally awesome, to my Kate Spade handbags & Michael Kors shades all at an absolute steal. Some of the savings I have made would have paid for my trip they have been that great. I have Black Friday shopped in New York, Boston, Miami, Las Vegas but some of my best buys have been in the Orlando Malls.

5 Top Tips For Banking Massive Black Friday Savings 1

Get Ready to Queue

Victoria Secrets have a sensational underwear sale and I have drawers full of drawers…… Although I have outgrown Juicy Couture the t-shirts are a great buy and superb quality. Coach handbags are a really popular choice in America and the queues to get in the stores always wrap around the block although it’s not my bag of choice the savings are amazing.

I absolutely love, love, love anything Kate Spade and have bought everything from lipsticks. Purses, Handbags, iPad cases and key rings for gifts for myself and family. Because Kate is not as readily accessible in the U.K. these items are a little bit more unique and certainly quirky. Again they are really great quality and all at bargain basement prices.

Home Grown Brands = CHEAP

I have wardrobes full of Ralph Lauren tailored shirts and while the outlets here offer these in a £30 – £50 price range on Black Friday you can usually pick up 3 shirts for that price. Another personal favourite of mine (and my Granda) is Tommy Hilfiger you can pick up some terrific shirts, jeans and sweaters all usually with 70% off. Trainers, Uggs & Timberland are also fantastic purchases.

After an exhaustive day shopping, I like to get back to my hotel with my multitude of shopping bags and switch on the TV to get a glimpse of some of the crazier side to Black Friday usually in a Walmart and usually involving some form of taser!

5 Top Tips For Banking Massive Black Friday Savings 2

As Black Friday fever has swept across the pond to the UK it’s a wonderful time to get your Christmas shopping underway. Most of the retailers have discovered that offering sales before Christmas gets the tills ringing earlier and longer and as a shopper, there are some great discounts around.

The department stores have thrown themselves into this with great gusto and have started offering American-style door busters to get the shoppers through the door with an eye-catching knockdown bargains. My mum is always a sucker for a door buster especially if it’s a flashy pair of boots.

UK Black Friday Bargains

Outlet shopping caters well for Black Friday and having discovered the great shopping at Cheshire Oaks I would thoroughly recommend a trip as they have all the top brand outlet stores offering discounts on their discounts.

You can even get a Black Friday lunch in most restaurants, not quite the same as being on holiday in the states eating Thanksgiving Turkey & pumpkin pie but still very much in the spirit of this now extremely popular annual event.

Wanting gadgets or electronics then cyber Monday is perfect to shop online from home and avoid the crowds. Personally, I love the thrill of the hustle and bustle in the shops and lumbering home with my shopping haul of goodies.

Happy Holidays Y’All