Take The Bite Out Of Your Holiday By Doing The Following 6 Things Before You Go

We love travelling around the world seeing new things. But one thing we don’t love about holidays is the bugs. Wherever you go, you are likely to encounter mosquitos who leave behind a nasty bite which itches for the remainder of your holiday. And if the mozzie is carrying bacteria, they could easily leave you with irritated skin. In fact, it’s best to make sure you check on your insurance to see if you are covered if you do get bitten and fall ill.

Even though we can’t spot the annoying creatures, you can prevent a bite from occurring while you are on your travels. Here are six things you can do to take the bite out of your holiday!

Pack some bug spray

One of the easiest things you can do is take some bug spray with you on holiday. Then you need to make sure you spray before you leave your hotel. Also, you need to put it on when you head to bed at night. That way, you will wake up bite-free the next day. There are lots of different mosquito repellent sprays around which you can buy. It will ensure the mosquitoes stay away from you for at least four or five hours. Go for a well-known brand which you can trust, so that you don’t end up with a large bite!

Take a preventive tablet or supplement

You might not realise that the top reason why people end up with malaria is because of mosquitos. They transmit the disease when they bite you, and then if it’s not treated quickly it can be fatal. The symptoms of the tropical disease including a high temperature, vomiting, and headaches. Therefore, before you go on holiday, you need to check if the country you are visiting is a high-risk area.

Take The Bite Out Of Your Holiday By Doing The Following 6 Things Before You Go 1

Although there are no vaccines you can take, there is some antimalarial medication which can prevent you from getting the disease. You can check with the chemist for the best tablets to buy; you can order malaria tablets online and other preventive tablets for your trip!

Pack some antiseptic cream

If a mosquito has ever bitten you, you will know how irritating the bite is. You end up rubbing at it for hours which only makes it worse. And for a lot of people with sensitive skin, it can be more painful as time goes on. Therefore, you should pack some antiseptic cream with you for the trip. That way, if you do get bitten, you can quickly soothe the pain for a few hours. And it will ensure it doesn’t get infected and cause you more pain.

Avoid dark clothing  

It’s easy to wonder why particular people seem more prone to getting bitten while you are on holiday. After all, there’s always one person in your group who appears to get the biggest bites. Well, surprisingly, it might be to do with their colour choice of clothing. You might not know that mosquitoes are attracted to dark clothes such as black or navy blue.

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As this article says, it helps them to locate you better when they go in for the kill. Therefore, you need to avoid wearing dark colours when you are on holiday. Pack plenty of light colours such as white to risk the little bugs seeing you!

Take plenty of deodorants

If you want to keep the mosquitos away when you are on holiday, you need to make sure you aren’t too sweating. The pests rely on smells which are often found in sweat such as lactic acid to find their prey.

If you are sweating after swimming or running while on holiday, you have likely built up lactic acid, making you more prone to getting bitten. Therefore, ensure you have regular showers on holiday and pile on the deodorant so that they won’t be able to find you!

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Pack long loose-fitting clothing

Especially important for night time, you should try and wear long sleeves clothing so that you can cover your skin as much as possible. That way, they have less access to your skin while you are out in the area. Also, you need to keep the clothes as loose as possible. That way, the mosquitoes can’t bite through tight clothing which is close to your skin. It will also stop you sweating so much in the country which also draws the pests to you! And if it’s too hot to wear clothes in bed, look into mosquito nets to protect your skin.

Remember to read up about the local doctor and chemists in the area you are staying in. That way, if you do get bitten and are concerned, you know exactly where to go for help and advice.