Where Are You Celebrating New Year’s Eve This Year?

Planning how you intend to celebrate the end of the year might seem like a task you can put off for a while. After all, New Year’s Eve is still a few months away. But if you intend to spend it abroad. Now is the perfect time to start planning where you are going to celebrate.

New Years is one of the biggest celebrations throughout the world, so you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to destinations. But this can make it difficult to know where the best places to celebrate are. So if you’re fed up of celebrating at home but feeling uninspired, why not consider one of these fabulous locations instead.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is renowned for its colourful carnival and festivals. But it’s New Year’s Eve festivities are becoming just as iconic. Each year the city holds the world’s biggest New year’s eve party on it’s famous Copacabana beach. More than two million people join in with these festivities, which include live music and fireworks across the seafront.

The locals are also encouraged to practise their traditions by dressing in white and throwing flowers into the sea. This combination of new and old gives these celebrations a unique vibe which only adds to the experience. So for a New Year’s Eve unlike any other, look for Holidays to Brazil online.

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Germany’s capital city of Berlin might not seem like the most obvious place to celebrate the end of the year. But New Year’s Eve is a celebration that this city takes very seriously. In the centre of the city, you will find endless food stalls, bars, music tents and dance floors. This is known as the Party mile. Landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate create a fantastic backdrop, especially during the fireworks.

The locals also continue celebrating on New Year’s day with a traditional pancake race. Which is always enjoyable to watch. Take a look online and search for European holidays. To get more information about visiting Berlin at the end of the year.

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As well as being renowned for its fantastic fireworks over the harbour. Sydney also reaches midnight before any other major city. This is why it has become such an incredible place to celebrate New Years . As well as the fireworks. There is also the Harbour of Light Parade, an aboriginal ceremony, and aerial acrobatics to enjoy too.


It’s not hard to see why over one million people flock to Sydney Harbour on New Year’s Eve each year. So rather than watching it at home on the television. Search for flights and accommodation to Sydney to see it in person. Will you spend New Year’s Eve on Sydney Harbour?

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From firework displays to cultural traditions, celebrating in another country is the best way to bring in the New Year. You’ll meet new people. Experience different cultures and continue partying well into New Year’s day. So where will you be when the clock strikes twelve on December 31st?