5 Top Writing Tips On How To Write A Better Blog Post

5 Top Writing Tips On How To Write A Killer Blog Post | Writing Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

I’m often asked where I find inspiration and how I’m constantly able to write posts that are seen time and time again and I tend to find that my best writing tips are often obscure ones. The notes section on my phone is always full of ideas that I’ve had to write posts or things to do on this site and within my other businesses. Being an entrepreneur is a never-ending to-do list.

Here are my top 5 tips for writing a killer, evergreen blog post that will continue to drive traffic to your website (and ad revenue) long after you have posted the original content.

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Writing tips: Research your keywords

Using Google Keyword Tools or Ubersuggest along with Answer The Public or typing your keyword into the Google search bar and seeing what suggestions it has helps you to discover keywords in your industry, a lot of the time these are more than 1 word ‘keywords’ and instead are phrases, so can help you for the foundations of your blog post idea.

The content itself

Once you’ve got your keywords you want to create content that has a purpose. This is often one of the biggest overlooked writing tips, either it needs to inform, entertain or educate. What you don’t want to do is create a piece of writing that takes you hours that’s firstly very self absorbed and secondly has no purpose.

Determine the purpose of your post and think about the outcome you want for your reader. Remember you’re not writing a diary, you’re writing for your audience. Always keep this in mind.

5 Top Writing Tips On How To Write A Better Blog Post 1

Create internally linking content

Although this isn’t directly one of the best writing tips it’s essential to factor this in when writing. Search engines reward you with higher ranking if your content works coherently on your site. Of course, as we are an online lifestyle destination we have different sections of our website, from Travel and Food to Home Interior and Business. That’s alright to have different sub sections across your website. However, you want to be making sure that where possible you can cross link your blog posts and so that no posts are left ‘orphaned’.

Orphaned is the term given to blog posts that aren’t internally linked to any posts on your website. Think of your site like a spider’s web. You need all of your posts to be connected and whilst if you have thousands of pages this is not possible in every single post, I do always recommend having a minimum of 2 internal links per post.

If you use WordPress to host your blog, RankMath SEO is a great plugin to help your SEO efforts and show you how many internal links point to each post.

Work backwards in your writing

You want to start with a working title. This meaning that the title you start with, isn’t necessarily the title you will end with – especially for creating converting headlines, you can read here how to drive more traffic with better headlines.

Once you’ve established your keywords and a working title then the next of our writing tips it to bullet point the main elements that you want to cover in your article. Always conclude by solving a problem. The perfect blog post always solves the reader’s problem or helps with their pain point. I read a great post that showed the most effective structure I use it every time I write.

5 Top Writing Tips On How To Write A Killer Blog Post | Writing Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Your post should always follow this same journey. In the introduction, identify the issue that your customer has. In the main body help to educate, inform or entertain and resolve the pain point or issue. In the conclusion, sum everything up and never give new information here.

You can also follow this formula below, if you are using this formula however, do make sure that you’re not writing from first person narrative as this often turns people off reading. Have the reader imagine that they are in the narrative and can imagine themselves going through your guide.

Reflect on a specific issue > Lessons learnt from story > Take away from the post or give a perspective that inspires.


Writer’s block

If you do tend to struggle with writer’s block now and again then alleviate the pressure you’re putting on yourself by relaxing. Go for a walk or run, have a hot bath and unwind, watch movies, cycle, spend time with friends. Don’t push yourself, you’ll find yourself creating much greater content when your vibe is right and you’re relaxed.

Are any of these writing tips ones you swear by? Or do you have any other writing tips for creating incredible content? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. As always, if you’ve found this article of any value, I’d appreciate you sharing it with friends and family across your social media channels and further on the internet!

5 Top Writing Tips On How To Write A Killer Blog Post | Writing Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog
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