April was National Pet Month and to celebrate those cat & dog lovers over at Ocean Finance gave some lucky pet owners £50 to treat their pet.

Ziggy was lucky enough to be given some pocket money to spend how he liked which is just as well as what do you get the dog who sports a Barbour collar and Mulberry trench?

Here’s his haul:

Choods Minty Leaves which are gluten free, perfect for an after dinner treat and keep his breath minty fresh and Lily’s Kitchen Organic Chicken & Vegetable Dry Food which is the only dried dog food he’ll eat. He’s a massive advocate of Lily’s Kitchen as they too only use human grade ingredients including alfalfa grass, burdock root and chamomile which are essential for balancing his extremely sensitive stomach.

Pet’s Corner. Choods x 2 @ £5.99, Lily’s Kitchen £7.99 = Total Spend £19.97

Natural Instinct Lamb Lites, if we could feed him totally raw we would but Ziggy doesn’t enjoy a raw diet but loves these chicken wing tips. He’d do absolutely anything for these and for £3.80 we get about two weeks worth of treats for him which is ideal as they not only clean his teeth, they give him essential vitamins and minerals and they also clean his digestive system out.

He also treated himself to a couple of packets of Chicken Strip Pet Munchies these are perfect for rewards and are dried chicken. He absolutely loves these and the duck, them range is pretty expansive and now includes dried fish skins which Ziggy and his cousin, Italian Spinone Reiver both enjoy, my grandma, not so much when they’re eating them off her pristine cream carpet.

Carltons. Lamb Lites £3.80, 2 x Pet Munchies @ £2.99 = Total Spend £9.78…Oh son you’ve only got £20.25 of pocket money left.

He chose to head to Harrods online and order himself a new bowl, he’s good to himself this boy. AND he can shop! Perfect for £9.95 this addition is going to look gorgeous in our kitchen. £39.70 spent so far.

His favourite of them all, Planet Dog’s Orbee Strawberry…. £9.99 from Bennythedog.co.uk. Total haul spend £49.69.

Think I need to take a leaf out of his book as he shopped well AND still had change left over so he decided put his 31p in the Hounds for Heroes tin. Every little makes a difference!

How did you celebrate National Pet Month? Why not let us know in the comments below or tell us how your cat or dog would have spent the £50 from Ocean Finance to celebrate?

If you’re a pet business or dog friendly retreat why not drop us an email if you want to collaborate as part of our Dog Blog, Ziggy has as much to say as I do, I’m not joking either. Ziggy & I used to own a large dog boutique so we’ve a large number of pet lovers who subscribe to our blog and newsletter and follow us on social media. 

Elle Blonde

Laura is an award-winning entrepreneur with a passion for all things luxury. With a penchant for travel, her favourite destinations are Vegas and Ibiza. Catch her at the latest bar opening with a cocktail in hand followed by mornings in the gym. She dotes on her little Jack Russell, Ziggy and has an unhealthy Instagram obsession. Home interiors continue to grow as a passion and she absolutely loves shopping for all things fashion and beauty too.

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