Minty Coco: Why you should be Oil Pulling

Coconut oil has hit the media hard over the last 18 months for all of it’s health benefits. If you’ve not been bombarded with coconut facts, where have you been hiding? If you’re a frequent reader you’ll know that I love anything health and fitness so when Minty Coco landed in my mailbox I was super excited.

If you’ve never heard of Minty Coco it’s an oil pulling treatment with an added twist. Oil Pulling? What’s that? Oil pulling is also known as “kavala” or “gundusha,” is an ancient Ayurvedic dental technique which involves swishing coconut oil around your mouth on an empty stomach for between 5-15 minutes. This draws out toxins from your body, primarily to improve oral health but also to improve your overall health.

As a previous brace wearer I’ve spent a lot of money and time on trying to get my teeth pearly white. From professional dentist whitening to buying teeth bleach from the USA (I’d not recommend) I’ve tried everything, this has left my teeth pretty sensitive and with results only lasting days. I don’t smoke nor do I drink coffee and eat clean so have limited colourings in my diet, my downfall however is red wine and I notice if I’ve been drinking red wine then my teeth change colour.

I’ve tried oil pulling in the past and had great success from it so was looking forward to seeing the results from Minty Coco. I had received a 14 day box which when shipped fits through a letterbox which is perfect as it means no waiting around for the delivery driver.

I decided to start a full teeth whitening regime where I’d whiten my teeth with Minty Coco, followed by brushing my teeth with a coconut oil based toothpaste from the Reviive range which I absolutely adore. I’ve been using this for a couple of months now and can honestly say it’s helped with sensitivity, morning breath and it makes my teeth feel so much cleaner than supermarket brand toothpaste, which I’ll never go back to using now. It’s priced at £9.99 but lasts approximately 3 months and is worth every penny. I’d team this with activated charcoal and zeolite (hardened lava) to completely remove all visible stains and get my teeth sparkling.  The three combined would be used once a day (on an evening) for 14 days.

Minty Coco is a peppermint flavoured oil in handy tearable individual sachets. The branding is edgy and eye catching and they took a pretty cool Instagram photo. On the leaflet it advises warming the sachet up un the palm of your hands to make the coconut oil a little more pliable. I tried this the first time and it wasn’t the easiest to squeeze out of the packet. After this I threw a sachet into the bath as I was running it on an evening before I climbed in for a pamper. You know face mask and oil pulling as you do! This was much better as the oil became runny with the heat of the bath water.

As with other oil pulling brands the taste isn’t the best. This may be down to personal preference though, however the mint counteracts the coconut oil. I pulled the Minty Coco through my teeth and around my mouth for 15 minutes each time making sure I spat the oil into the bin not to clog pipes up! I then brushed my teeth with Reviive and the activated charcoal. This was my results after just one use. The photos were taken only 25 minutes apart in the same location with the same lighting.

I was extremely pleased with the results on day one. I have just finished my 14th consecutive day of the whole regime and I know that the Minty Coco has contributed massively to the whitening of my teeth and my overall oral health. I can’t contribute my success solely to one of the natural remedies I’ve been using but feel that the three combined have had the best success that I’ve had with any teeth whitening system previously, this has the addition of being all natural which is one of my fundamental beliefs in achieving great health.

Personally I’ll use Minty Coco again with the regime I’ve had in place as it has been extremely successful and the concept of handy individual mint sachets are great. If you’re looking for a regime like mine to achieve optimum whitening then head over to Minty Coco now.

Their details can be found here: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

To purchase the Reviive toothpaste shop here.
To purchase the Activated Charcoal shop here.

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