4 Rare, But Important Types of Injury Cases Filed Yearly in Chicago

The Different Types Of Lawyers And How To Find The One You Need

Chicago is a busy, busy city. With this in mind, there are thousands of unexpected accidents that occur in the city every year. When you’re harmed by negligent behaviour, through no fault of your own, you may need to file a personal injury case. While most of us are familiar with auto accidents and slip-and-fall cases, there are rarer types of personal injury suits as well. Here are four of the rarest, but still highly important, types of personal injury cases that are filed yearly in Chicago: 

The Different Types Of Lawyers And How To Find The One You Need

4 Rare, But Important Types of Injury Cases Filed Yearly in Chicago

1. Defamation Suits

Defamation lawsuits are more common in big cities like Chicago. After all, there are a lot more big personalities and names to be defamed in big cities. Personal injury attorneys can help you deal with defamation in a timely fashion. Even with these increased rates, however, defamation suits are by far one of the rarest types of personal injury cases out there. Using a false statement to harm someone’s reputation is referred to as defamation. Slander can also occur without being written or published, which is known as libel.

Libel and slander-related personal injury cases are typically resolved out of court. In defamation cases, damages are assessed in two ways: those that can be precisely estimated and those that can’t. The precise dollar amount of special damages can be determined.

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Defamation attorneys might take into account past and future lost earning potential as well as other financial or commercial losses brought on by the slander. Also, those who lose their jobs due to defamation and are unable to obtain a new job anytime soon might file a claim for damages. Being sure that you can win your defamation case is crucial, as these cases can often end up being quite expensive.

2. Defective Product Suits

When you use a defective product, you may be injured by its defective nature. When this happens, contacting an attorney asap is key, as the evidence-gathering process is almost certain to be much more time-sensitive than other types of personal injury cases. Injury claims against designers and producers of subpar consumer goods are subject to strict liability. They cover a wide range of goods, such as pharmaceuticals, automobiles, electronics, food, toys, and baby products. The burden of demonstrating negligence shifts to proving that the harm was caused by the product’s design or manufacture, even when it was used as intended.

Injuries of any kind that are legally compensable and brought on by specific product flaws are covered under the plaintiff’s right to damages. This isn’t necessarily a physical injury, though. Any financial loss to property brought on by a defective product may also be covered by product liability claims. Plaintiffs can also recover money for their pain and suffering in addition to receiving substantially larger compensation for physical injuries. While rare on an individual level, large-scale and class-action defective product suits are more commonplace.

3. Intentional Wrong Suits

Intentional wrong suits can be complex because they often seem less cut-and-dry than other personal injury scenarios. One sort of personal injury regarded as an intentional wrong is battery. A personal injury claim may be filed if someone is struck by another person, even as a joke. Even direct contact is not necessary for an intentional assault scenario. A personal injury claim for assault may be filed if the victim is threatened but no physical contact is made. When a person is incorrectly held for shoplifting, that is another illustration of an intentional wrongs personal injury claim.

A wrongful imprisonment suit can be successful with a personal injury claim. Certain intentional wrongs, such as violence and assault, can result in criminal charges being brought against the perpetrators. Nonetheless, the victim of the assault or batter could also file a separate tort claim against them. Knowing whether or not an individual’s actions against you could qualify as a tort claim is crucial before moving forward. Thankfully, your lawyer should help you determine this with ease. 

4. Medical Malpractice Suits

Although not as rare as the above three types of personal injury suits, medical malpractice suits remain one of the rarer types of personal injury suits that are filed in Chicago courts every year. The law requires doctors to give you their full attention. Many important medical procedures or tasks can go wrong when a doctor does not treat a patient in this way. You can receive compensation for errors made by your doctors by filing a medical malpractice case.

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These cases, although rare, are incredibly important for keeping the medical industry safe and effective. Oftentimes, cases involving medical malpractice will require more work, as you may have to deal with medical boards and other official state boards. That being said, your attorney should help you navigate these spaces, and will do all of the hard work for you. Trusting them during this process is essential, as they are there to help you deal with your personal injury suit in an easy-to-understand, and mindful manner.

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