Exploring the World of CBD Flower: From Strains to Health Benefits

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You’ve heard about it, you may have tried it, and you’ve almost certainly smelled it. CBD flower is making waves with its authentic, potent vibes, and there’s still a lot to learn about hemp buds even if you’ve been acquainted with each other for some time.

What is CBD flower, what kinds are there, and what does it do? Whether you’re looking for wholesale CBD flower or you want to keep your purchases personal, we’ll cover these core questions in the succinct yet all-encompassing guide below.

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What Is CBD Flower?

First, a definition of terms: “CBD flower” refers to dried and cured buds of the Cannabis sativa plant that contain high concentrations of cannabidiol (CBD) but less than 0.3% THC for federal compliance. Cannabis and hemp naturally produce CBD in their buds, but usually in very low quantities.

Recently, though, breeders have produced CBD hemp strains containing as much as 20% CBD, making it viable to offer smokable-grade CBD hemp products. Thus, smokable CBD buds that offer a potent, relaxing, and high-free experience are now widely available online and in brick-and-mortar stores nationwide.

CBD Flower vs. THC Flower

Compared side by side, even cannabis connoisseurs would not be able to tell the difference between a nug containing CBD and a nug containing THC. Cannabis simply looks like cannabis, and you have to either smoke it or test it to find out what you’re working with.

That is, of course, if you somehow lost the labelling somewhere along the way. From their origins to effects, CBD flower and THC are fundamentally different. It’s just that they look the same, smell the same, and taste the same. Users of both THC and CBD flowers will be quick to tell you, nonetheless, that they don’t feel the same.

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CBD Flower Strains: Indica, Sativa, & Hybrid

Just as is the case with THC cannabis strains, CBD strains are also divided into indica, sativa, and hybrid categories reflecting their genetic lineage and most commonly reported effects. If you’re on the hunt specifically for a bud to get you to sleep at night, for instance, there are indica CBD strains to serve the purpose.

The same goes for hunting the peppy effects of sativas during the day or seeking anytime assistance from hybrid CBD strains. Everything that’s there for THC is also there for CBD: sativa, hybrid, and everything in between.

Benefits of CBD Flower

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to the benefits CBD flower has to offer to the average user. From lightning-fast activation times to an endless variety of strains to choose from, let’s explore the many useful attributes of CBD flower in more detail:

1. Fast Activation

Since it bypasses the digestive tract to absorb directly into the capillaries surrounding your lungs, the CBD present in hemp flower flows straight to your brain. As a result, users usually begin to feel the effects of CBD flower within 1-2 minutes with the full effects setting in at the 5-minute mark.

2. Potency

Also due to its administration method, CBD flower offers a more sheer volume of CBD molecules entering your nervous system at once. As a result, the effects of CBD flowers feel quite potent for most users even if they wear off unexpectedly fast. At no point, though, will you feel high since CBD is thoroughly non-intoxicating.

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3. Simplicity

There’s something to be said for the very simplicity of CBD flower. You snip it off the vine, dry and cure it, and smoke it. There aren’t any additional ingredients or cutting agents, just CBD presented in exactly the way nature intended. Make sure to choose organic, contaminant-free CBD flowers for the full effect.

4. Variety

With most CBD products, if a certain product type doesn’t work for you, that’s it. CBD flower is different, though, in that you can simply switch to a different strain if one option doesn’t deliver the desired effects. Many users end up trying lots of different strains before landing on the option that works best for them.

CBD Flower: Ancient Tradition, Modern Trend

Archaeological digs and ancient records suggest that human beings have been smoking cannabis for millennia — in many cases, buds with higher levels of CBD than the modern equivalent. The genuine love humanity has for cannabis has now resurfaced with thoroughbred CBD-rich hemp as the most recent entrant to the stage. Join us in resurrecting an ancestral pastime, and enjoy everything that the world of CBD flower has to offer.

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