4 Simple tips to recreate luxury hotel bedding in your home

4 Simple Tips for Hotel Bedding Styling

If you follow me on my home Instagram account you’ll see that I’ve been currently creating luxury hotel-inspired bedrooms in my renovation and hotel bedding styling is one of the ways to create that luxurious feel. 

As the bed is the focal point of any room, many people miss the mark by ensuring that it’s properly dressed to give that luxurious hotel feel. I noticed this very much so when I was house hunting, there were very few beds which were made well on the house listings.

It doesn’t take much to turn your bed from drab to fab and I’m going to give you my top tips. You don’t have to necessarily even buy expensive bed linen either, you just need to know how to create hotel bedding style staging.

I will let you into a secret, I personally can’t get enough of the linen from DUSK. All of my bedding is from here because it washes well and looks very hotel-style luxury. 

Start with the duvet 

Choosing a plump duvet is essential. You want to opt for something with a little bounce, this will really create volume and make your bed look less like a cartoon drawing and more like you want to snuggle up in it.

Choosing a duvet cover is the next step, I personally only like plain white bed linen as it embodies cleanness and luxury to me. However, you do whatever colour you think is best. Try and avoid loud patterns if you’re looking to create a tranquil and sophisticated feel. Opt for textures such as pinstripe or waffle instead. 

4 Simple tips to recreate luxury hotel bedding in your home 1

Always chose the highest thread count your budget allows. I personally find 600+ is the best, this means that the material will be softer and more sumptuous. 

My absolute favourite linen is the DUSK Pinstripe Pimlico Duvet Cover in 800 thread count because it not only looks great but is also super cosy.

Pictured in the master bedroom are;

Next up, pillows and scatter cushions

Another top tip to instantly transform your bed, stand your pillows up instead of laying them flat. You can see in my guest room I have 6 pillows, and whilst some may say that’s a little excessive. It creates a really impacting look when they’re all stood up.

Choosing Oxfords over Housewife pillowcases also takes your bedding to the next level. Oxfords are pillowcases that have extra material around the edge, again adding more luxury to your bedding. Sometimes I will admittedly dress a bed with 4 Oxford pillowcases and then 2 housewife pillowcases at the back so there’s not too much material.

4 Simple tips to recreate luxury hotel bedding in your home 2

Scatter cushions are my next essential. I like to add some height with 2 65x65cm cushions behind the pillows on each bed. This works both on doubles and king-size beds. For super kings add a third cushion behind.

For my guest room, because I use the Santorini in Black patterned cushions and the mural on the wall behind is really vibrant I keep scatter cushions to a minimum (I say this with 9 cushions/pillows on a bed), with a single matching focal cushion. The inners are duck down to create a luxurious look with a plush and plumpy cushion.

Pictured in the guest bedroom is;

4 Simple Tips for Hotel Bedding Styling

Protect yourself

I am a huge believer in you spend 8 hours a day in bed so ensure that your mattress and pillows all have protectors on them, this means there’s an extra barrier for cleanliness which you can remove and wash. 

I read a study that stated around 45% of single men only wash their bedsheets once ever six months. ONCE EVERY SIX MONTHS!!!! Wow at a minimum you should be changing your sheets weekly. Wash your linen on a cotton cycle with whitening powder and fabric softener to really get the best out of it.

Finishing touches

The finishing touches include a throw at the end of the bed. This finishes the bed off nicely and ties the whole look in perfectly. You can use a complementary colour or a bold choice here. It is up to you, remember to make use of different textures where you can too.

You will want to tuck your duvet in at the bottom of the bed too to really add that hotel luxury vibe to your styling.

Finish off with a linen spray, I love Zara’s White Jasmine. Light a candle et voila you’ve just levelled up your luxury.

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