All the single ladies: staying safe as a single woman

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Being single, either by choice or not, doesn’t mean you need to be unhappy or vulnerable. While some people may view a woman on her own as weak, that certainly doesn’t need to be the case. Rather than relying on others, you may want to think about the different ways that you can help to keep yourself by staying safe, especially if you live on your own. This could allow you to make better choices, and even find more enjoyment in your own company.

All the single ladies: staying safe as a single woman

Do your research

While some people may be kind and genuine, not all individuals or companies operate in this way. You may enjoy receiving calls from people and talking to others. When it is someone you know, that is absolutely fine. However, there may come points where you receive calls from numbers you don’t have saved within your contacts, or otherwise recognise. Should this happen, you may want to check this phone number online to see who it may be from.

This can help you to avoid wasting your time on marketing calls, where you may end up being persuaded to buy things you don’t need. Likewise, researching the number can also help you to avoid scam calls, especially if you tend to be too trusting in general. This could allow you to avoid identity theft, losing money, or other issues resulting from adhering to what scam artists say.

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Protect yourself on a night out

Going out for an evening with your friends can be a great way to unwind, as well as meet new people. But there are risks that you may need to think about. Many women already understand not to drink and drive, or leave with someone they don’t know. However, when in a venue, you may also need to be cautious. It can be a good idea to only allow someone to buy you a drink if you can see it being made, and then you take it directly from the bartender or waiter.

Likewise, you should also not leave your drink unattended, in case someone puts something in it without your knowledge. If you do need to go somewhere without your drink, such as the toilet, you may want to either finish it before you go or simply abandon it and buy a fresh one when you come out.

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Learn self-defence for staying safe

Regardless of the decisions you make, either when out and about or even within your own home, there may still be times when you need to defend yourself. It could be that someone has attempted to break into your home, or that someone while out refuses to take no for an answer. Whatever the reason, it can be useful to know how to defend yourself.

Taking classes can allow you to learn some basic self-defence skills. While you may hope you never need to use them, it can still be a good idea to know them, and even be a great way to make friends.

A single woman doesn’t need to feel vulnerable in her life. At the same time, you may not want or need, to have a man around to protect you. Learning how to keep yourself safe could allow you to be more independent.

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