The 3 Important Differences Between Bracelets And Bangles

Bracelets and bangles have been an essential women’s fashion accessory for centuries, finishing off the look the wearer is looking to portray, as it highlights their natural beauty. Different pieces may be worn as symbols of security, wisdom, elegance, or prosperity.

Its sentimental value often matters far more than how much the item is worth, exuding a feeling of self-confidence when stylish and looking special. Jewellery is an essential accessory for special occasions and can also prove a good future investment. One such item that can be purchased for the desired effect is a bangle or a bracelet.

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The Main Difference Between Bracelets and Bangles

Most people think that bracelets and bangles are the same thing, but there are actually some key differences between the two. Bracelets and bangles serve different purposes in fashion – so it’s important to choose the right type of jewellery for your outfit. Is a bracelet or bangle the ideal jewellery item for you, and what are the differences between the two?

  • A bangle is a rigid closed ring-shaped circular design made of metal, whereas a bracelet is often made of several flexible materials usually closed by a clasp.
  • A bangle is sometimes worn on the upper arm or leg through several cultures. It was sometimes worn for protection by soldiers when it was occasionally made of leather, whereas a bracelet is worn on the wrist.
  • Bangles started out life as far back as 2600 BC as an accessory made of bronze, copper, and shells. In the modern times gold, silver, and platinum are the usual materials of choice. Bracelets date back to 5,000 BC in ancient Egypt and are most commonly consist of silver chains. A great way to see jewellery from through the ages is with a visit to a museum.
  • Bracelets are less rigid than bangles, which are slipped over the wrist.
  • Bangles are worn by women with bracelets being adorned by women, men, and children.
  • The same bracelet can be suitable for both formal and informal wear. Alternatively, different bangles are required depending on the occasion. 
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How To Decide Which One Suits You

If you have a small wrist and large hands, then full circle bangles are best avoided as they will be difficult to fit the required size. You can find your bangle size by tucking your thumb into the palm of your hand and using a tailor’s tape to measure your hand, from knuckle to knuckle; go all the way around the set of knuckles closest to your wrist.

Hinged bangles are fine for those with larger wrists. Bracelets, even those ladies silver chunky bracelets, offer a softer feel for those preferring a piece that is less noticeable. They are also ideal for a wearer who enjoys a matching set, with the chain-based design making a match for a necklace. If you have personal amulets, they can be added to bracelets, such as religious charms. 

If you wish to portray symbolic and historical meaning then a silver bracelet is a great way to look stylish and complement your outfit and features. Maybe one containing multiple bands will go perfectly with your outfit.

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Making Your Decision

Checking a reputable jeweller website or by visiting a jeweller in person to speak to understanding experienced experts will help you make the right choice.


In conclusion, while bracelets and bangles may look similar, there are some key differences to consider when deciding which to wear. Bangles are usually circular in shape and rigid, while bracelets are typically more flexible and come in a variety of shapes and styles.

The decision of which to wear ultimately depends on personal preference, the occasion, and your outfit. Consider the size of your wrist, the outfit you’re wearing, and the look you want to achieve. Whether you opt for a sleek and simple bracelet or a bold and statement-making bangle, both can be a great addition to any jewellery collection.