Creating a fun Christmas do at your company

3 Tips To Surviving Christmas With Your Partner | Relationship | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

As the holiday season approaches, you may be thinking about the different ways you can show your employees gratitude for their hard work. You may already offer a bonus at Christmas, but sometimes it can also be nice to get together and celebrate outside of work.

This can help you to get to know more about one another, and even allow people to spend a working day doing something enjoyable. The end result can be a greater amount of motivation and even less burnout upon their return from the Christmas break.

3 Tips To Surviving Christmas With Your Partner | Relationship | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Host a firework display

If your business premises has some land attached, or even if you host the do at your home, you may want to think about setting off fireworks. This can be especially nice on a clear winter night and means that it doesn’t have to occur too late. You may be able to find the perfect firework displays company that could deal with the arrangement on your behalf. They might not only be able to set up the fireworks and dispose of them safely, but also factor in the space available, and even potentially deal with any health and safety paperwork to coincide with the event.

Take a mini break

Around the Christmas period, many people have to tighten their purse strings to be able to afford gifts, food, and decorations. This means that a holiday away from home is unlikely to be feasible. Booking a few days away at a company retreat could allow your team to relax and unwind. This could involve some team-building activities which may benefit their working life, or even be something as simple as a spa getaway to promote wellbeing and care.

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You may want to think about the budget available to you, as this could determine where you are able to go. For smaller companies or those with a larger budget, you may want to also think about extending the option for employees to bring a plus-one, or partner, either for free or for a small subsidy.

Give the gift of time off work

Many businesses close over Christmas. Some include bank holidays within their team’s annual leave, while others may simply deduct this from the allowance, with the correct notice given. One easy way you could make your employees happy, and spread a bit of Christmas cheer, can be the way you manage that time off. Giving your team those few days off, paid, without detracting them from their overall annual leave, could be readily welcomed. This may be especially important to those with young families at home and create more loyalty to the company.

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Whether religious or not, many companies like to take part in the festivities of Christmas. While you may often think about increasing profits and making customers happy, it could also be a good time to remember to be grateful to those who work for you. Planning a do, either at the premises or further afield, or even simply granting free time off, could be deemed as more heartfelt than a simple, token gift.

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