10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Vacation Rental

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If you’re looking for somewhere to stay while on holiday, vacation rentals can save you money while providing all the conveniences of home. Moreover, there’s no shortage of places to stay while on vacation. 

In contrast to purchasing a home, you rarely have the opportunity to inspect a vacation rental in person before making a decision. As a result, how are you supposed to make a decision?

Below is a comprehensive guide to help you find the perfect vacation rentals for your upcoming vacations. Make use of this vacation rental advice to make endless memories!

10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Vacation Rental

Ensure Your Timing is Perfect

To avoid disappointment, it’s best to find vacation rentals with Underthedoormat and reserve them in advance. If you’re waiting to book an expensive vacation villa or a beach house on the coast, there’s no point in booking them at the last minute. If you can, make your plans a year in advance. 

Some countries on the globe are the exceptions, as supply can outstrip demand for rentals in these popular destinations. As a result, you may be able to save a lot of money if you wait until the last minute.

Find Out What You Want 

Are you going to stay in or be active? Is the view of the ocean critical? Finding the right rental without going over budget is easier if you know what you’re looking for. Be sure to plan your group to get the best deal.

Consider Making Use of a Reputable Web Source

Searching for vacation rental properties online is one of the best methods. It’s not always easy to tell if a listing is up for a rental property or not. It’s widespread to hear horror stories about people who book their vacation homes online only to arrive at the property and discover that it doesn’t exist. 

Or, even worse, rental property is discovered to be occupied by people who had no idea that their home had been listed. Scam sites should be avoided at all costs to avoid these situations.

Wi-Ki-Woo Hotel | Where's good to eat in San Antonio Ibiza, restaurant and food guide | Travel Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Rental Location For a Weekend Vacation

You can save money by renting outside of a city or tourist hotspot. The question is whether that will add to the overall cost of your trip. Some cities take a long time to get around. Is it acceptable for you to spend your time this way?

When you travel, it might be essential to know where the nearest metro stations are, so you should always look for a rental that includes that information. Most rental listings will not reveal the property’s exact location for safety reasons. 

However, they will include a general map of the area. Use this map to get a general idea of where you’re going, and then use Google Maps’ street view feature to get a more detailed look at the area. This perspective can help you see the businesses in the area and anything that might be a deal-breaker for you.

Happily Change Your Dates if Needed

Prepare to pay exorbitant prices and face fierce competition on rental properties if you’re planning a summer trip to Europe. For a more affordable vacation, plan to travel in the spring or fall, which many experienced travelers believe are the best times to visit. Fare charts, available on many booking websites, let you keep tabs on rates over time. Booking in the final week of the off-peak season can save you a lot of money.

10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Vacation Rental

The Perks are Something to Ponder

Each vacation rental has a distinct selling point that entices guests to book it. Some will even go so far as to provide luxurious air, land, or boat transportation. Some resorts offer extras like free use of all water sports equipment or a guided trip to a nearby private sandbar as a way to sweeten the deal.

Consider the perks of staying at the property, such as in-house chefs who can cater to your dietary needs while you’re away. Or maybe private air charters to get you to and from your exclusive getaway. The cherry on top can make all the difference in the world.

Be Thrifty, But Don’t Go Overboard

There is no point in spending a lot of money on things you won’t use or enjoy. However, saving a few dollars shouldn’t necessitate a week in a glorified broom closet. You should think about what you’ll need, but you should also consider what you’ll enjoy as it is not necessary to have a garden terrace. And yes, that 42-inch television is entirely unnecessary. 

So here’s a surprise: Relax, you’ve earned it!

See What Others Have to Say

Reviews, as previously mentioned, are an excellent way to determine whether or not a rental site is legitimate. As a result, it is critical to read the reviews before booking a property. Only a portion of the story can be conveyed through images. 

Things like how well the renter communicates, the ease with which you can operate all your rental home’s features, and safety in the neighborhood will all be revealed by reading the reviews.

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Be Aware of Terminology

Be aware of the difference between “Beachfront” and “Oceanfront” if you’re booking through a rental association or co-op, as only the former guarantee you’re on the water. “Direct Ski Access” refers to skiing up to the property without needing a shuttle. 

The term “Garden View” is equally ambiguous. If there are no pictures of the rental property available online, always ask for them.

Don’t Go to Touristy Places

Exorbitant markups are common in tourist hotspots, where even low-quality rentals are sold for exorbitant prices. Finding a place close to public transportation or a short car ride away from popular attractions is the best bet.

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The factors mentioned above will significantly impact your vacation’s success. If you’re traveling with others, think about what they (and you) want and need, make sure the basics are taken care of, and then decide what you like. 

All of these factors combine to make finding the ideal vacation rental easier and provide a memorable experience. Good luck!

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