5 Interior Design Dilemmas and How to Easily Solve Them

Interior design styles can be extremely difficult to navigate, especially when it comes to designing something entirely for the first time, with no experience. From the different kinds of styles available to the different kinds of theories in design, it can all seem very difficult to navigate. We have come up with a guide to help you through it!  

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The interior design colour dilemma  

When it comes to interior designing a place, many individuals begin by deciding on a colour scheme. However, interiors expert Richard Petrie of Thomas Sanderson advises deferring this phase until far later in the process. Don’t pick your colour scheme until after you’ve moved in. Instead, stock up on necessities like carpets, upholstered furniture, and more, and let your palette be guided by them. 

When it comes to choosing a good colour scheme, there are usually two routes you can take- choose the wall colour, then choose the colour of the furnishings. The second one is to choose the furnishings first and then paint the walls to match the bigger accents. The latter is considered to be better. This is because it is usually pretty difficult to navigate furniture AFTER you have chosen the walls, whereas the opposite is way more viable.  

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It is also important to follow the colour theory if you are going for a more traditional and classic look- choose three colours, one as a main, one for larger accents like furnishings and one for décor. This will allow your room to look balanced and will help in balancing out the visual aspects. It is also important that you employ lighter colours in rooms you want to make seem bigger- like the living room and bedroom.  

Furniture that Doesn’t Fit 

It’s unusual to furnish a home from the ground up, and when you collect stuff over time, it’s easy to ignore one important factor: size. When it comes to furniture or even mouldings, getting the scale incorrect may make you feel like something is severely wrong. It can significantly reduce the cost of a room  

The solution: Measure the size and height of the current décor before adding a new piece of furniture to your home. Consider the scale of all the pieces in space and how they connect, from the size of the rug to the scale of the art to the scale of the furniture and the circulation around it. 

When it comes to the furniture, you need to ensure that your technology is not awkwardly placed. Sometimes, the TV placements can make the whole interior design look bad. Instead, opt for TV wall mounting. Click here to find more.  

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Art from a store 

Everyone can tell when a piece of art is cheap, and it instantly devalues a space. However, spending a lot of money isn’t the only option. Instead, he suggests using online custom-art services or going to flea markets or vintage stores to look for unique items. Minted and Leftbank Art, for example, are two amazing custom work businesses that allow you to commission original art or have prints framed and sent for a reasonable price. 

The Solution: If you can’t stomach parting with your artwork, pay attention to the frame. Mismatched picture frames, according to Lorna Aragon, home editor for Martha Stewart Living, may make a place appear less expensive. 

Lighting and its effect 

Adding a personal touch to a rental swapping out old light fixtures can quickly change a room. Lightning is one of the most ignored components. Updating lighting fixtures may be a cost-effective method to improve the overall look of any area while also adding a feeling of refined elegance and comfort. The best way to get good light is by increasing the amount of natural light you receive in your rooms. Floor-to-ceiling windows accompanied with sheer or light curtains can often do the trick.  

Interior Design and how to navigate it  

If you don’t get direct sunlight through any of your windows, you can get skylights, as they allow you access to the direct, overhead sunlight and daylight. When choosing lighting, it is important to consider the atmosphere of the room and how you want it to be. Choosing correctly between warm and cold light can change the entire room. Make sure you choose your lights before you choose your colours- colours look different in different lights.  

The Rug 

One of the biggest mistakes that people run into when it comes to interior designing is getting the rug right. When the rug is too big, it can make the whole room look extremely uncomfortable and overwhelming. On the other hand, if it is too small, it will look cheap. To see if your rug is the proper size, use the following simple test: Make sure the rugs contact every piece of furniture in the space to ensure that they are sized suitably and that all the furniture pieces in the room relate to one another.