How to Store Ground Beef

How to Store Ground Beef

Did you know that ground beef contains a risk of foodborne bacteria? This is because the grinding process exposes more of the surface of the meat to any bacteria that are present.

When you are at the supermarket, and you come across a huge pack of ground beef on special, it’s very tempting to buy it! Of course, you are saving! However, it’s essential to know how to store ground beef properly.

With ground beef in the freezer, you have an instant supply of meals. You can use your grilling skills with burgers. Other dishes such as a hearty or a delicious meatloaf are all within reach.

This home chef’s classic is simple to freeze and can be kept in the freezer for months. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

How To Store Ground Beef Safely

From the very moment you buy cooled ground beef, timing is important.

It’s critical to keep the meat cold and not just leave it out on the kitchen counter while packing the rest of the groceries. Ground beef should be stored in the fridge within two hours of being bought. Also, it should be stored at 40°F or lower and used or frozen within two days from purchase. 

Also, ground beef is more vulnerable than whole pieces. So follow safety rules. Even after touching ground beef: To avoid contamination, wash chopping boards, cutlery, and hands with soap and hot water.

How to Store Ground Beef

How To Freeze Ground Beef

Are you keeping your ground beef hamburger meat for only a few weeks? Then, please put it in the freezer in its original shop container. If you plan to keep it longer, wrap it in aluminium foil or place it in a freezer bag, expelling as much air as possible before closing it.

What is the purpose of the extra packaging? Fresh air in the freezer is the nemesis of ground beef; it will eventually cause freezer burn and damaged meat.

Storing Ground Beef Into Ready To Use Portions

You can repackage bulk-bought ground meat into recipe-sized portions like one-pound portions. It makes it so much easier to have recipe-sized amounts. So why not use this recipe and try this out!

One of the best ground beef storage tips is to purchase a vacuum-sealing machine. This machine will come in handy when freezing ground beef and any food.

If you don’t have a vacuum sealer, place the meat in zip-lock bags and flatten them for easy stacking in the freezer.

It is recommended to always store the ground meat on the bottom shelf of the freezer. In this manner, the meat will not contaminate other foods in the event of a thaw.

Always label the pack with the name of the meat, the portion, and weight. Also, don’t forget the date of freezing!

How to Store Ground Beef

How Long Does Ground Beef Last In the Freezer?

The USDA ground beef storage guide advises the freezing of ground beef and other meat for no more than three to four months. That recommendation is for flavor and quality, not safety. This is because proper freezing will keep ground beef safe for an indefinite period.

Save on Bulk Buys and Store Ground Beef!

We have shown you that there are a few rules to follow regarding how to store ground beef and handle meat. 

When it comes to storing ground beef, the fridge and freezer are your best friends.

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