What Women Can Do About Hair Loss: 4 Tips to Try

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Hair loss can be devastating. Maybe you never thought about it before until it happened or never believed it could happen to you? And then you find some strands of hair on your pillow in the morning or excessive hair ending up on your hairbrush? Either way, there are things you can do.

Here are 4 tips for women who are suffering from hair loss. 

Girl with long black hair | 8 Easy Ways to Maintain a Hairstyle | Beauty | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination

Short Term or Longer Term? Recovery May Be Possible

Hair loss can occur for reasons other than you’re permanently losing your hair.

For example, new mothers find that they can shed more hair for the first 3-4 months after giving birth. When living through a particularly stressful situation, it’s not uncommon to lose hair or begin to see more grey ones than you’ve noticed before. Additionally, being low on vitamins, especially Vitamin D, and iron too, can lead to hair loss. In most cases, however, hair loss is genetic or related to age.

So, think through whether your life has been particularly tumultuous recently to cause it? Or is it something that you’ve been noticing for a while and have gradually come to acknowledge as a new reality for you?

Cover It Up

It’s worth trying different ideas to cover the affected area when it’s affecting one spot on the scalp. However, even when it’s more extensive, there are always options to cover it to some degree.

A wig or a weave can cover the existing hair. If this looks too obvious on you, then hair extensions can increase the body and bulk up the appearance. 

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Also, using hats can work, especially in colder weather when it’s not too windy. 

It does require trying a few different ideas to see what best disguises hair loss. Likely, it won’t hide it totally, but should make it more bearable.

Distract from It

Another strategy is to distract attention away from it. 

For example, using fashion to get the eye to look elsewhere is an effective re-direction technique that works well. An attractive new outfit, some new shoes, or extra time preparing your face ready to go out can be useful. 

Hair Loss Treatment

The last tip for hair loss is to discuss it with a hair loss clinic. They can have a consultation to review what your options are to add more hair volume. 

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A hair loss clinic can provide different types of hair transplants. For instance, the Treatment Rooms London has many treatments to implant new hair follicles. They do this by removing some from places where your hair is still growing well and implanting them where it’s lacking. These hair follicles are carefully extracted by the hundreds or thousands to create the final result of fuller hair. The FUE hair transplants offered by the Treatment Rooms are gaining in popularity because they can be completed in just a day. Results grow through in the following months up to a year.  

Don’t sit and accept hair loss as a forever thing. There are more options now to handle it than were present even just a few years ago.

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