How to get rid of Holiday Inn Club Timeshare

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5 Summer Driving Tips | Travel Blog | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Holiday inn vacations offer incredible deals to the vacation owners where they can choose from beach house getaways, adventurous holidays, in nearly 28 resorts that are elegantly designed including high-end amenities exactly something that one needs for a family holiday trip. But hang on why does everything sound so musical, well, be careful of the sweet rhythm. Because these memberships for vacation timeshare have more disadvantages than you have thought of. Nevertheless, once you join the parade its gets difficult to find ways for a holiday inn timeshare cancellation.

The holiday inn club vacations are quite popular due to the big brand. Timeshares are usually deemed to be a committed vacation planned for many years with lock-in rates. The problem arises when the customers can’t make use of the holiday due to personal reasons. Yet as they have already been a part of it they must be paying the maintenance charges for every year for the unit of property owned.

What is the cost that you might incur?

The resorts generally don’t commit to a specific number for pricing and cost as it differs on the accommodation, location, and the points that you have. Still here is a little glimpse of how much it could cost you for a vacation. The members of the Holiday Inn Club usually pay approximately more than $15000 on their 75,000 points of first purchase. 

What will you get for this? During peak holiday time you can spend a long weekend in a one-bedroom villa at the Orange Lake Resort or not during the peak holiday time you can choose from the 12 destinations and use a two-bedroom villa. The club memberships most commonly are priced at $44000 that offers the customers 200,000 points.

So, are you planning to cancel the timeshare, here are a few things you could consider to get you out of the contract.

Primarily since this is a fractional timeshare where there are many other buyers involved and there are many things attached to each other you need to carefully and legally come out of it so that it doesn’t cause harm your savings any more.

Introducing Horizons:

Holiday inn has a smooth process for owners who want to surrender the timeshare. It has a simplified procedure that doesn’t let the owner suffer by thinking of different ways to get rid of it. In consideration of the ongoing pandemic, the resort has offered a solution to the owners through incorporating Horizons. If you are thinking of timeshare cancellation or resale then you must reach out to Horizons – by Holiday Inn Club Vacations. The company has been incorporated to help the customers find a simple solution to come out of the timeshare rather than running errands without any clarity. During the pandemic, there have been many timeshare exit companies misguiding the owners in the process of surrendering the timeshare. 

5 Summer Driving Tips | Travel Blog | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

The cost:

The company charges $500 per contract to get the title transferred for the owners who qualify for the benefit of the program. The charges collected are handling fees and processing fees. This is the only amount the owners will pay there are no other hidden costs.

The eligibility:

The timeshare is eligible for surrender or resale only if there is no mortgage, no due maintenance fee, and has a valid free title. These factors are crucial for the timeshare to be resold or transferred to others. However, by contacting Horizons you might discover other options to come out of the deed even if there is a mortgage on the property timeshare. Since reaching out to the resort or the developer is the safest and secure option while exiting owners get a more detailed understanding of the procedure. 

5 Summer Driving Tips | Travel Blog | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

If not Horizon then are there other options?

Since you have a clear process and a company incorporated just for the purpose of completing timeshare surrenders, or timeshare exit it is wise to make use of it. However, if you find the cost is higher then there are other options you might want to consider to come out of the pit. 

Seek legal help: If you have complete ownership rights on the vacation property or have a mortgage then get legal advice on how to come out of it. Don’t aimlessly take decisions. 

Resale market: Although there are many bad players in the market you can close deals fast by proper verification of the buyer. The price on timeshare are ways depreciating therefore focus more on the genuine bids rather than cost.

Gift or Donate: There will be many people who look for such options to get a timeshare for free. Offer the deed as a gift so you can be safe from future costs like unknown interest rates, maintenance fees. This is also an option for a timeshare with a mortgage.

The above-listed options can be considered to opt-out of the vacation timeshare.  

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