Important Things to Know Before Installing Solar Panels

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6 Factors to Consider When Choosing Residential Solar Services | Home Interiors | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Solar power is becoming an increasingly popular option among homeowners and businesses. It has also become a dominant topic in renewable energy discussions because of the numerous benefits attached to the usage.

Going solar is a good step in the right direction but it involves a lot of requirements. However, the successful installation of solar panels leads to conservation of energy as well as a considerable reduction in your power bills. You will also be doing the environment a lot of good by going solar.

If you are considering renewable energy as a means of power supply in your home, it will certainly start with the installation of panels on your roof. Here, you will need the services of reliable installation companies. You can search for reputable options in your town or use referrals. Additionally, if you need recommendations on the best installation companies to use, you can visit: to learn more about them.

Solar Panels | How to go green in your home | Home interiors | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

This article will discuss some important considerations before installing solar panels. You will also find other helpful tips that will boost your understanding of green energy.

Important Considerations Before Installation of Solar Panels

The following are some factors to consider:

Availability of Sunlight

Solar panels use daylight to produce electricity. This means that the amount of energy produced in the day depends on the intensity as well as the duration of sunshine. You will find that an average roof can peak sun for about six hours daily.

Furthermore, the panel size determines the amount of energy (sunlight) the unit can store. This means that the size of the panel goes a long way to determine available electricity in the home or office in a day.

Condition of the Roof

The condition of the roof determines to a large extent what you install on it. The knowledge of this should make you find out if your roof is fit to handle the installation of a solar panel. If it is damaged, getting a replacement will be ideal before the installation. With this, you won’t have to spend extra funds on dismantling and reinstalling the roof when you get new solar panels.

You can also check for tips on how to know when your roof needs replacement before making a decision.

Orientation and Tilt Angle of the Panel

There are diverse methods of installing green energy panels in different parts of the world. This is a result of the positioning of sunlight which varies according to geographical location. Solar panels are required to face the sun in the day for it to trap enough energy.

Quantity of Energy Required

To determine the quantity of energy required in your home or office, start by checking your energy consumption. Check your power bills for a whole year as it will help you to come up with an estimate. Also, check the variations in power consumption both in wet and dry seasons. If your energy consumption is usually high, you can look at ways to cut it down before going solar.


You need to consider your budget in comparison with the cost of going solar. If you are considering a smaller panel due to a limited budget, you may need to reconsider your decision and save up some more to acquire larger panels.

This is because a small panel may not generate sufficient energy to cater to your needs and you may need to go for a larger option later. A good decision would be to increase your budget by saving for some time. If you need tips on how to save money, you can read this article.

6 Factors to Consider When Choosing Residential Solar Services | Home Interiors | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Installation Company

The increasing popularity of this form of power supply has led to the establishment of several green energy companies that handle the sale as well as the installation of solar panels. It is important that you work with a company that is renowned for the delivery of good quality services.

A good way to find out about a company is to check reviews of old customers that have contacted them in the past. If they do not have nice comments about them, it will be a wrong decision to work with them.


Solar energy has come to stay and most people are embracing it. If you are looking to conserve energy consumption in your home or office, you can give it a shot. We have listed some things you need to know before making an installation decision.

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