How to Shower and Bathe Properly

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Showering and bathing are some of those activities that you need to do on a daily basis, but you can actually make them pleasurable. There is nothing like a cold shower when the sun burns everything and everyone outside or a hot bath when it’s freezing. However, while it may seem like an easy thing to do, have you ever wondered if you are washing correctly? Actually, there are many techniques that can make it more efficient – and effective.

Below, you will find some tips on how to shower and bathe properly so that all the dirt is washed, you feel great, and your body is pristine. You can read all about the proper water temperature, the best cosmetics for your hair and body, rinsing your hair, and many more. Read on and make sure you are clean and beautiful!

Bathing Tips

Here are some tips on how to have a proper bath time routine:

Make sure you are using clean water for bathing. It should be filtered and free of any chemicals or impurities that can get into your pores while you bathe. Warm water – not too hot, not too cold – is perfect if you want to avoid drying your skin (it can lead to premature ageing and wrinkling). Cold water can work for people with very sensitive skin, but the rule of the thumb here is – warm water is always better. 

Always make sure you rinse all the soap off before getting out of the tub. This will prevent any allergic reactions to products used for washing the tub and body. If you are prone to acne, opt for a mild soap that won’t clog your pores or irritate your face. Make sure to pay some attention to the cosmetics you use, no matter if you buy a hypoallergenic soap, a lavender mixture for relaxation, or something with CBD to replace or support the CBD soft gels you’re taking.

Dream Bathroom: What Are The 7 Key Ingredients? | Home Interiors | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

After taking a bath, pat yourself dry with a towel instead of rubbing yourself dry. Rubbing will cause irritation and small abrasions in the skin, leading to increased bacterial growth in these spots. Patting yourself dry will help avoid such problems.

If you want to enhance blood circulation in your body, it is a good idea to take warmer showers or baths, which will raise your body’s temperature by up to 1°C – 2°C (1°F – 3°F). This will stimulate blood circulation in your vessels and boost energy levels. And to optimize blood circulation during an early morning wash, you can add ice cubes into the water.

Showering Tips

The perfect water temperature for showering depends on your individual preferences and needs, your health, and your skin type. The general rule is that warm water is good for the skin as it opens the pores, while cold water closes them and tightens the skin. For children and teenagers, lukewarm water is recommended, whereas adults should use warm or hot water.

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There is no real reason to spend more than 10 minutes in the shower, as it can influence your body temperature. We recommend that you take no more than 5 minutes to wash your hair and then another 5 minutes to wash yourself. If you spend more time on it, you will just be wasting water!

Shampooing Tips

Many people think that using the right shampoo is enough to make your hair beautiful and shiny. However, there are many other things you need to keep in mind when shampooing. Here are some of the most important rules to follow.

First of all, make sure you wash your hair every day, especially if you have oily skin and scalp. This will help discard any dirt or sweat left on your scalp throughout the day. Additionally, make sure you have rinsed off all the shampoo before you get out of the shower.

When washing your hair, always use lukewarm water. If you wash your hair with hot water, it will dry your scalp and might cause dandruff. Ensure the water is running over your scalp and not on it. Starting from the roots, comb through your hair to spread the shampoo evenly. Be sure to massage the shampoo into your scalp and let it sit for at least 2 minutes before rinsing it off.

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Remember to massage your scalp while washing it and not scrub it with a rough sponge, brush, or nails. You can also use a finger massager or a wide-toothed comb to stimulate the scalp and improve blood flow. Many people think that a scalp massage can worsen hair loss, but this is not true – in fact, a scalp massage can actually help prevent it and promote healthy hair growth!

If you like to style your hair, it’s best to choose a shampoo that does not contain sulfates or alcohol. These ingredients will dry out your hair even more and make it unmanageable. Also, look for products that are suitable for your hair and desired results, e.g., a shampoo with proteins, which are great for strengthening your hair while preventing breakage.


In a nutshell, bathing and showering can be pleasurable but should also be effective and efficient. Make sure you know what you’re doing regarding your skin type, lifestyle, and other conditions that can be influenced by the water and cosmetics you use. 

The proper washing techniques can help you prevent dry skin, irritations, allergic reactions and keep your hair and body healthy and looking good. Take care of your skin and hair by using the right products and following the right guidelines. It will be worth it!

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