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Should You Redo The Whole Roof With Worn-Out Shingles? | Home Interiors | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Should You Redo The Whole Roof With Worn-Out Shingles?

So….the roof that has kept you and your family sheltered for years is finally starting to show the warning signs that it has come to the end of its lifecycle. That once mould-free home has now turned into a health hazard as it has now invaded your home and began to form nasty patches on your ceiling, those minor leaks you were not so concerned about now resemble the makings of a small waterfall and that once strong and stable roof is now showing its age and beginning to sag.

Yes, the roof that you have trusted to keep you and your loved ones warm and secure during all seasons has now become old and tired and now the time has arrived to replace it.

Should You Redo The Whole Roof With Worn-Out Shingles? 1

The roof of your home is one of the most important elements of your property. The roof is the part of your home that provides you with shelter, protecting you from the severe weather that the world endures every year.

It keeps us sheltered from those torrential downpours that visit us throughout the seasons, guards us against the scorch that the sun brings on a hot summer day, and keeps us warm from the wintery snowfall that comes around each and every winter. Yes, the roof of our home protects us and our families from the outside world.

Will Old Shingles Suffice?

Now, we all know that replacing your whole roof can be a costly affair and you may be considering ways on how you can save yourself a little cash during this process. The idea may have entered your mind to use worn-out shingles that may have been leftover from your existing roof, which you know would save you from burning a huge hole in your finances.

However, did you know that choosing to use those old shingles could end up costing you even more of a small fortune in the future, and when replacing your entire roof, it is the smarter decision to bring in experts first off? After all, the most important thing is providing a warm roof over your head and keeping you and your family safe, now that is priceless!

Using old, worn-out shingles can present some major issues further down the line. Here are some important details on why you should opt-in using new shingles when replacing your old, rundown roof. 

Just Like All Things, Shingles Have An Expiry Date

Like everything else that exists in this world, shingles also obtain an expiry date. It does not matter whether they are already in place on top of your property or just sitting gathering dust in the garage, the truth is they are losing their quality of life every single minute.

As time goes by, roof shingles begin to deteriorate and they become far less effective, failing to give your home the much-needed protection you need, particularly during severe weather conditions. So to ensure you are investing in the future of your home, it is the best idea to opt for new shingles for the replacement of your roof.

It Could Bring You More Expense!

Should You Redo The Whole Roof With Worn-Out Shingles? | Home Interiors | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

It is evident that the cost of a whole new roof replacement can be staggering and new shingles can cost a small fortune however, can you really put a price on your safety and shelter? When deciding to replace your roof with worn-out shingles you run the risk of racking up even more expenses further down the line.

For instance, you could spend a lot of time and effort in getting the worn-out shingles put into place and may even need to pay a professional to get them fitted. Due to deterioration, they may only last a few short years and you will then be faced with yet another complete roof replacement, resulting in even more costs!

Past Nail Holes in the Shingles 

Now because the shingles have already been used at least once before, they are sure to contain extra nail holes, therefore they become more prone to damage and susceptible to leaks. This can become a major problem because the added wear and tear to the shingles makes them fragile. Also, as these old nail holes are exposed to the weather, they can present many significant problems.

When problems start to arise and the signs begin to appear that you may be in need of a roof replacement, it is the smart idea to invest in new shingles, rather than using those that are old and worn out. By doing so, you will be saving yourself a lot of time, stress, and money by investing in new shingles right away.

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