6 Simple Tips That Will Help Convince Your Parents to Live in a Senior Care Home

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6 Simple Tips That Will Help Convince Your Parents to Live in a Senior Care Home | Health | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

The notion that senior homes aren’t as good as having your loved ones, especially your aging parents, live at home is absurd. While the comfort of the environment at home is certainly better for their memory and helps them feel more at ease in a recognizable environment, there’s no reason to think that a senior care facility isn’t a good choice if there are legitimate reasons to have them stay in one.

6 Simple Tips That Will Help Convince Your Parents to Live in a Senior Care Home | Health | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Regardless of what the reasons are, usually time and resources, it’s even harder to convince your parents to live in one if they don’t feel it’s worth it. You can’t make them do anything against their wishes, that would be cruel, but you still want to plead the case for why a care home may be necessary. Here are 6 simple tips that can help convince them it may be time to move into a care home.

1. Let Them Know How It Might Be Harder for You to Care From Home

If you’re trying to convince your parents or parents about why choosing a care home may be the best option, it’s sometimes best to be upfront about why you think it’s right. This reason may come down to you telling them that it’s in your best interest because you can’t do as good of a job. You might be juggling your own kids and work and you won’t have sufficient time to be there for every single need which is hard on you as well. Don’t use it as an opportunity to guilt or find pity, but make them know you want the best for them because you can’t always provide it.

2. Show Them the Community Benefits of a Care Home

There is also a belief by seniors that have never seen or experienced a long-term care home that the place may be isolating to them. This can be true, but if you look at Logan Reserve aged care homes, you can see that it may be easy to show them what these facilities can offer them. Community is a big part of staying healthy, happy, and active, and being around a lot of like-minded seniors makes it easier to socialize than being around younger people, which is certainly beneficial to them. 

3. Let Them Voice Their Opinion on the Matter

It’s not about you either, this is important when trying to help convince them of going to a care home. You have to sit down and let them speak their mind and voice their opinion as to what concerns and questions they will have. They may even be open to the idea, but you’ll never know if you don’t let them talk, so let their voice be heard so it’s a democratic decision, not one you come up with and imposing on them.

4. Encourage Them to Be Open-Minded About It

6 Simple Tips That Will Help Convince Your Parents to Live in a Senior Care Home 1

It can be difficult to stay positive when considering such a life-altering change of lifestyle and living accommodations. Some seniors are open to it, others aren’t, but what makes a better argument is getting them to keep positive and open-mind about what the possibilities may hold. It can be easy to shut out the positive, but if you can convince them to look at the bright side of this change of pace, it could make it simpler to get them to commit to it.

5. Remind Them That You’ll Still Be Present in Their Life

Finally, you have to remind them that you aren’t just shipping them out to be cared for by strangers. Yes, it’s going to be a weird change of lifestyle having care staff around instead of family, remind them that you are going to visit and still be very much present in their lives moving forward. Visiting and taking in the experience with them will allow the transition to occur more naturally, but it also helps them see the bright side that they will have their independence without losing connection to their immediate family. It allows both sides to get an advantage.

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There’s a lot of controversy around how to approach getting your senior parents to move into a care home, but it’s a conversation that must be had. You might just not be able to care for them, or they might not realize how helpful it can be for them to be around more seniors, but if you need help, those 5 tips might be just what you need to make it happen.

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