The Benefits and Importance Of Dental Implants: Explained

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The Benefits and Importance Of Dental Implants: Explained | Health & Beauty | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

It is inevitable, at any age we can lose our teeth however, as we mature and hit the later stages of adulthood, it becomes a definite part of life. As we get older, so do our bodies and even though we may remain feeling sixteen in our minds, our bodies continue to remind us that age is simply something that any human being cannot avoid.

The signs of aging begin to appear in the form of a wrinkle, the worry lines that now define our face after years of stress, the odd grey hairs that have finally begun to sprout through, eliminating our youthful locks or the loss of an adult tooth that completely destroys our once confident smile! Yes, aging is the natural process that is gifted to us from birth, that unfortunately we cannot be spared from.

As we age and our youthfulness begins to slowly disappear, many of us seek ways to physically prolong the stages of aging, as with the signs of becoming older we lose our confidence. We choose to scour the web for the ultimate anti-aging cream that will make our wrinkles less prominent, we book an appointment at the local salon to bring back the signs of youth however, what do we do to recreate that past perfect smile? 

The Benefits and Importance Of Dental Implants: Explained | Health & Beauty | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Regain Your Confidence With Dental Implants!

Ever heard of dental implants? Well opting for dental implants can be the ultimate solution for you to regain that boost of confidence that you once lost and the answer you have been seeking for a better smile. Dental implants will not just give you the advantage of optimizing your appearance but also possess so many benefits that will contribute to your health and quality of life. 

Here are some of the important benefits that dental implants can have on your life!

Prevents Bone Loss

The roots of your teeth serve an important role by transmitting signals informing your jawbone to grow. When a tooth is lost your body will commence reabsorbing the bone where the tooth used to be, which results in a collapsed and caved-in look to your face as time goes on.


Dental implants prevent this from happening as when the implant is in place, the jawbone grows around it. This results in maintaining the bone, preserving the shape of your face, and can even cause the reversal of bone loss that has already taken place!

You Can Eat Whatever Your Appetite Desires

We all know what it is like to have to refrain from eating our ultimately favourite foods! It can be painful having to ignore the rumblings of our stomach and feed it the things that we know we can chew and digest properly. Chewing your food correctly is extremely important and opting for dental implants it will allow you to chew and digest food in the correct way.

Dental implants work just as well as your natural teeth, so you will be able to enjoy those delicious dishes whilst satisfying your appetite.

The Benefits and Importance Of Dental Implants: Explained 1

Improves Oral Health and Are Incredibly Durable

Dental implants provide the same support to your mouth that natural teeth do and do not pose any negative impacts on your surrounding teeth. The implants are fitted directly into the jaw and are completely supported the exact same way natural teeth are.

With the correct maintenance dental implants are extremely long-lasting and can last a whole lifetime, however obviously due to usage, the crown may need to be replaced between every five to fifteen years but again this all depends on just how well you look after them. 

They Provide Comfort

Dental implants are placed directly into the jawbone to imitate the root of the tooth which provides the prosthetic implant with optimum support and elevated strength. As the jaw is undergoing the healing process it grows around the titanium-made rod that is placed to hold the implant in position.

This results in the implants being held firmly in place and aids in the implant feeling identical to natural teeth, giving you ultimate comfort. They resemble natural teeth so well, that to be honest, you will more than likely forget they are even there.


Our teeth make it possible to pronounce certain words and sounds, so having a couple of teeth missing really can play havoc on the way we speak. We can find ourselves in frankly embarrassing situations mispronouncing words and sounding like total fools!

By choosing to have implants fitted you will eradicate this problem entirely as implants are held firmly in place with zero danger of coming loose, giving you the confidence to speak out loud or even burst out into song if you like! 

The advantages of dental implants are endless! By choosing to opt for implants you will be providing yourself with that uplift in self-esteem, satisfying your hungry appetite, giving yourself ultimate comfort, and aiding in maintaining your oral health.

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