An Expert Guide to Equestrian Attire: How to Dress Well and Be Safe

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An Expert Guide to Equestrian Attire: How to Dress Well and Be Safe | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

It’s one thing to appreciate nature, but another to interact with it. That’s why horse riding has been so popular for so long. People can enjoy the great outdoors with their favourite animals, doing such things as horse riding, competitive dressage, show jumping, or horse racing. 

An Expert Guide to Equestrian Attire: How to Dress Well and Be Safe | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

As with all sports, it’s important to wear the right clothing. After all, horses are huge beasts and there will always be risks when a person travels at speed. Having the right clothing can be a matter of life and death. This article has been written to help you get decked out in the most suitable way. 


Beginners often wear such things as paddock boots, jodhpur boots, or cowboy boots. Whilst some closed shoes may be suitable, flip-flops or open-toed footwear will not. Many people choose between paddock boots (which are short and ankle-high) and tall boots (which may go as high as your thigh). Whilst rubber boots may be a cheap option, they are not breathable. As a result, your feet will get hot and sweaty during the day. 

Riding boots will protect your ankles. Toe protection is another valuable consideration. It’s not uncommon for toes to be broken when horses step on peoples’ feet. It’s possible to buy footwear online. People looking for Le Mieux boots may be choosing between support and cold water versions. They may also be seeking accessories such as polo bandages or dressage-shaped girth covers.

The Heels 

They are a key feature of the boots, and will normally be between 1 and 1.5 inches. They provide support and stability whilst you are riding. They will make sure your feet don’t slip through the stirrups, which can be dangerous. 

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On the subject of stirrups, it’s wise not to wear decorative boots because chains, zips, and other things can sometimes get caught in them.


Beginners often struggle to grip the reins whilst horse riding, and their hands may become chafed in the process. Gloves are a great solution, especially until you develop sufficiently calloused hands. 

Normal gloves will be unsuitable for your activities because they won’t grip. Whilst they may cost more, riding gloves will be ideal for your purposes. 


Bike helmets are only designed for people who fall off bikes. It’s a totally different thing to fall off a horse, so wear the correct headgear. If you are in a shop, try the helmet on and make sure it’s not too tight or too slack. Whilst you won’t have this option if you buy online, you can at least buy an adjustable one. 

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Besides providing vital head and neck protection, helmets can also provide comfort. It’s worth buying a riding helmet that features air vents and cushioning.

If you have long hair, keep it in a bun and secure it under your helmet. The last thing you will want is hair over your eyes if you are traveling at speed. Once you have become more competent at horse riding, riding that may be the logical next step. 


This will partially depend on the weather. Many beginners wear such things as golf shirts, polo shirts, vests, or compression long sleeve versions. There are also snow shirts and sleeveless ones to choose from.

Make sure it is not too tight as you will be breathing deeply while you ride. If the shirt is too loose it could get caught in things like poles. It’s also wise to ensure the shirt isn’t longer than your hip. 

During the day, you may be regularly taking jumpers or coats on and off. If your shirt has zips or buttons they could get caught, so use a shirt that covers these. 

Pants And Body Protection

Many people wear breeches, riding pants, jeggings or jeans. It’s key that they don’t become bunched up or wrinkled when you ride. Jodhpur pants are ideal because they are long, stretchy, and supportive. The more freely you can move, the less your body is likely to chafe. 

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It can be a common occurrence for a horse rider to fall off during the day. If you are new to the activity or engaged in horse jumping, protective gear will be especially important. Newbies should wear an air jacket and something to protect their knees and elbows. 

The most important thing about your attire is the safety aspect. Whilst you will no doubt have a budget for your spending, it is always advisable to buy proper riding gear. This way you can enjoy your time in the greatest comfort and safety. 

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