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Why I LOVE Income Reports

I read a post the other day and it was hilarious ‘Income Report May: How I made 50¢‘. It was really tongue in cheek and was really great to see somebody talking about the whole fascination with Income Reports. I’m pretty sure the amount she affiliate linked and ad linked next months ‘report’ will be certainly higher after it went viral!

See I love reading people’s Income Reports though, for many reasons. It allows you to see what others can achieve and gives you the belief in yourself. I just read a really interesting report of how somebody earned over $120k in one-month blogging and it really hit home that anything is possible. Of course, you need to be dedicated, serious and really implement the right strategies.

People with smaller email lists and fewer page views are absolutely smashing it with 5 and 6 figure months. It’s amazing to see and is a motivational factor for those days you are sitting thinking is it really worth it?

Another thing I absolutely love when it comes to income reports is that these people are treating their blog and websites like the businesses they are. They’re accounting for money coming in and going out by keeping a record of their expenses. As business is my first language I really love to see this and feel that more bloggers and influencers need to take heed of this regimented approach. It’s also great for target setting and reaching your monetary goals.

I get a lot of bloggers asking me ‘how to make more money‘ daily. I always start by asking them do you know your operating costs? How much net profit you’re making? How much you want to make? More isn’t really a valid answer here. You need specifics and measurable specifics at that! Regardless if it’s a £1,000 or £100,000 month goal you need a plan.

Income Reports Failure to prepare is preparing to fail - Motivational Quotes ELLEfluence Academy

It’s not just about writing some cool content, linking to some money making sites and hoping for the best. This is full on, in order to make decent money from blogging you need to create great strategies and implement them. Research other bloggers successes that are yielding these results. Then duplicate with your own voice and content on a proven framework. It’s hard work but if you build a system right once, passive income is, sure enough, heading your way.

Those publishing income reports usually have one thing nailed I’ve noticed. Affiliate marketing. They are great at recommending a product or service and then getting a referral commission from those who sign up.

Level up with automation

The most notable being Tailwind. If you’re not familiar with Tailwind it’s an automated repinning service for Pinterest. In all honesty, Pinterest is one of my weakest networks, so I’ve really read into Tailwind and the benefits. I’ve been using it for about three weeks now and although my following hasn’t grown, my repins and pin visibility has increased. When I last looked yesterday my visibility had grown a whopping 349%. You can get a free month trial with Tailwind. I seriously recommend checking it out. It’s exceptionally beneficial if you’re wanting to learn a little more about the Pinterest algorithm and how to be more visible on this platform.

I am still very reserved about my opinion of Tailwind as a necessity as I think I need to commit to a couple of months learning and tweaking.

Residual Income

Another thing these income reports show is that affiliate marketing is a residual way of being paid. Think about it, I post this post today, how many times is it seen over the next coming weeks or months or even years? I’m going to recommend Awin as my chosen affiliate programme of choice.

If you want to know about affiliate programmes I wrote a post about it here.

Back to my point though, for everybody who signs up to Awin through this link here, just right here. Sign up now. Seriously. Just do it. I am paid a referral commission (obviously I’m joking when I’m being so persistent although it is my most lucrative Affiliate Platform). Say somebody in America reads this post while I’m sleeping and signs up, technically I made money in my sleep. This is the power of residual income.

With a regular job you turn up you get paid, you don’t turn up you don’t get paid. Write a post or series of posts well, keep promoting the money making posts and you’ll get paid for something you did well once, time and time again. Regardless if you’re there or not!

Another programme that I recommend is Skimlinks, they have a pretty great WordPress Plugin too which means that they convert all your links on your site to paying affiliate links. You’ll never miss out on another referral sale again.

That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing, build it well once and the rewards serve you while you’re out living your life. You can affiliate everything, from clothing in your post, beauty products, insurance, cars and even courses!

When you implement a great affiliate strategy like these guys do then you’re already winning!

Downloads are infinite

Another thing I love about Income Reports is that they show you how well digital marketing and digital courses work and there is a need and requirement for such information. These transparent reports help to give an insight that content is very much king. Proving education and learning from other’s knowledge is constant. Especially when technology is always evolving and online marketing becomes more powerful. Teachable is one of the easiest and user-friendly ways to create digital content to sell. If you’re selling knowledge then this is notably one of the sites you need to research.

Perhaps my least favourite thing about an Income Report though is how generic they are. I think they’re basically a duplicatable formula. Hey, if that works for them though then sign me up! If somebody’s already written and tested something that makes a huge impact on their income then why waste your time trying to write something similar but different for less impact? In my opinion, though, it just makes for dull reading. For me, I skim the whole article and just look at the numbers and the way the revenue is driven. I rarely read the content around them as they’re all a much of a muchness.

Make money being self-hosted

Many companies won’t work with sites that have a .blogspot or .wordpress subdomain. That is easy to resolve. If you’re on Blogger then you just need to purchase a domain name from as little as 99p from GoDaddy or 123Reg and it’s simple to connect. For WordPress, you require a self-domain and a hosting package.

It’s a staple of any Income Report, to begin with, a hosting package statement from Blue Host. They offer a $3.95 (approx £3) per month web hosting deal which is pretty good. You can also sign up to their Affiliate Programme here and earn $65 per every sale you refer. This is worth signing up to for both reliable, fast hosting and for their affiliate programme.

Alternatively, if you are looking for hosting packages for self-hosted WordPress sites GoDaddy offer an amazing service and help to get you up and running. Slightly more expensive their packages start at £5.99 per month.

All in all though, for business growth and for talking doubling and tripling your income seriously I think that there should be a lot more focus on the positives we can learn from these Income Reports. If you’re serious about making money online, you really should start looking into what these people are doing to create the revenue you desire.

What are your thoughts? Do you love them or loathe them? Have you ever posted an income report? Leave a comment below as I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. I really love how clearly you explain everything, Laura and the fact that you are a blogger and business woman who puts herself out to share things for the benefit of others. #ThisNorthernGirlCan .. and does xoxo

    • Ahhh I love this comment Sharon! I just see how amazing the industry is and how it changes lives and if people open their eyes they could achieve so much more. I’m so excited and interested in #ThisNorthernGirlCan!!!!! xx

    • Caitlin I LOVED your post and that’s amazing how you’ve grown your traffic. I totally need to up my Pinterest game. Most of my traffic comes from FB and Organic so if I can tap into Pinterest I will be laughing. Have you any recommendations on where to learn more about upping my Pinning?? L x

  2. I also love reading income reports as motivation! I never did one because mine are tiny (£4.50 last month) but they give me ideas for new things to try. Affiliate marketing doesn’t work well for me because i have a niche site. Even books (which I regularly recommend) don’t do well as affiliate links. But I never thought about selling ebooks or courses until I saw that other people have been doing that. Now I’m working on an ebook based on some old posts with bonus content. We’ll see how that goes!

    • Eva £4.50 is still £4.50 more than people who aren’t monetising! It’s amazing the different avenues you can go down in terms of selling things and putting them on automate to generate higher revenue. I’m currently working on an academy for my other site ELLEfluence at the minute and content for selling courses.


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