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Beauty And Hygiene: Stay Safe Looking Good

We all go through the same old beauty regime every day. I’m sure you will know yours inside out! But because we are so used to our beauty steps, we can often overlook one of the most important aspects. Hygiene! It is important that you make sure all the steps you take are as hygienic as possible to prevent the spread of infection. So to stay safe, follow the following tips and tricks, and you won’t ever be putting yourself at risk for the sake of looking good.

Clean Your Brushes

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If you’re like me, you will use makeup brushes on a daily basis to apply eyeshadow, foundation, and bronzer. As you are using them all day, it is reasonable to think that bacteria will be building upon them. The best way to make sure none of this bacteria causes an eye or skin infection is to wash your brushes regularly. Simply washing in warm water with washing up liquid should do.

Leave them to naturally air dry before using them again. It’s a good idea to wash all your makeup brushes once a fortnight.

Keep An Eye On New Piercings

Getting a piercing is a great way to update your look. You could go for one as bold as a nose piercing, or something slightly more discreet in your ear. Piercing Aftercare is extremely important no matter where your piercing is. You should wash the piercing twice a day with the specialist solution that the piercer gives you. It is also important not to touch it too much. If you do need to touch it, wash your hands first to prevent getting it infected.

Only Use Your Flannel For Your Face

Flannels or any other type of wash cloth that you use to clean your face shouldn’t be used for anything else. Some girls also use the same cloth to wash their body with in the shower or bath. However, this isn’t a good idea for feminine hygiene reasons. Our faces have sensitive skin, so you shouldn’t use your flannel for any other part of your body. Otherwise, you might end up spreading bacteria and causing a rash on your face. It is especially important not to use the same cloth for your face and crotch area.

Throw Out Old Makeup

Beauty And Hygiene: Stay Safe Looking Good 1

Did you know that your makeup products all have use-by dates? If you check the bottles and pots, you will be able to find these dates. You wouldn’t eat some food if it had gone out of date, so why keep on using makeup after it has expired? If you carry on using your old makeup, you will be putting yourself at risk of serious infections. You can make your makeup last for slightly longer by storing it in the fridge. But it is still important to throw it out once it gets quite old.

If you follow the above tips, you won’t have to worry about putting yourself at risk from any nasty bacterial infections. You can continue to look good and also be hygienic!



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