I’m a mermaid. Getting mellow with my mallow by Treacle Moon


It’s no secret, that I actually am in fact a mermaid! Oh here we go, she’s off to unicorn and pink glitter land. No, seriously I spend forever in the bath. I usually bathe twice a day for at least an hour each time. Why? To relax, unwind and most importantly to write and educate […]

Ladies’ Night @ Mademoiselle Belle – BLOGGER EVENT


On Friday I blogged about Mademoiselle Belle and my love for the salon, did you miss it? Oh no! You can catch up here. If you caught that blog post you’ll know that the glam dolls over and the nail and blow bar are having a Ladies Night this Friday (26th February 2016) and have some […]

Mademoiselle Belle – Whitley Bay’s hidden beauty retreat


I’ve always had a love of all things girly since I was about 12. Before that, I was into my football, collected Pokemon cards (hey I was a 90s baby) and only had one hairstyle. Now, if you don’t already know I love anything to do with fashion and beauty. It doesn’t have to all […]

Joining in the Pre-Grammy party with Jouve tightening serum

Acne Breakouts - 5 Ways Hormones Affect Your Skin | Beauty Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

If it’s got a celebrity face next to it my mum is an absolute sucker for a treatment or a gadget, visiting a restaurant or going to an event, she’s a marketer’s dream, so let’s talk Jouve. Even better, if there’s an event on somewhere she’s been, she’s instantly drawn to it, she absolutely loves […]

3 Things That Are Important at Christmas


Let’s face it waking up on Christmas Day is so exciting even at the age of 25. So while my 7-year-old cousin was unwrapping an iPad Air, I was unwrapping a bounty of gorgeous, branded designer goods. What a lucky girl eh? They say that it’s about the people around the tree and not what’s […]

HELP! I Suck At Hair Tips, Tricks &; Insider Secrets for the Hair-Challenged: Kindle Book Review


On with the book, it covers virtually everything and as a 3 style limit we love to give anything a go, with expert knowledge about both hair styles and hair maintenance we immediately built our trust in the book and were particularly intrigued in the ‘Up Do’ section.  With Proms and Ladies Day, alongside many Weddings planned for over the Summer we know how many of you ask us about which hairstyle will suit you best, for these formal occasions we love an up do and totally recommend giving the Baroque a try even though it’s slightly tricky