A Quick Guide To Get Your Nails Ready For The Summer

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It often feels like the winter and autumn months drag on for such a long time, and once the summer begins to roll around, it comes zooming towards us, giving us little time to prepare ourselves. The immediacy of the summer sun has many of us scrambling to get our hair sorted, our wardrobes updated, and our bodies toned up in preparation for stripping those layers and embracing those UV rays.

Getting our nails ready for the summertime is another important thing to consider, which oftentimes many of us forget. But not preparing our nails for the long days of sun exposure, salt water, and sand can leave them looking very unhealthy very quickly. To help you prepare your nails for the summer, follow our quick and simple guide. 

A Quick Guide To Get Your Nails Ready For The Summer

Encourage Nail Health

Most importantly, when leaving the wintertime, we need to start putting more consideration into strengthening our nails to resist the elements.

Hydration is a huge aspect of this, and using a high-quality rehydrating moisturiser on your hands is very important. You should consider using this whenever you’ve exposed your nails to water for prolonged periods of time, such as after a hot bath, after swimming, or when doing household cleaning tasks using strong chemicals.

Alongside using a moisturiser regularly, you can also soak your nails in natural oils like coconut, avocado, or tea tree, to revitalise them. You should also be wary of the damage you can do to your nails when removing gels and do these removals correctly to avoid any harm. And don’t forget to moisturise afterwards, too.


Keep Your Nails Tidy

If you want your nails to grow out a bit more for the summer, one of the best steps you can take to encourage growth is to trim your nails regularly. This stimulates the nails to grow and will help in keeping them healthy and strong.

As well as trimming your nails, you’ll want to tidy up those cuticles, too, which will help to protect new nail growth and promote improved cleanliness. There are a few simple steps for cuticle removal, starting with softening them and then gently pushing them down towards the nail folds. Then you can simply remove the cuticles using some cuticle nippers and replenish the moisture around them using oils and moisturisers. 

Choose Some New Designs

When you’re looking at coming up with some new designs for your nails, one of your best starting points is to choose a new shape. There are a few types of nail shapes for you to choose from, and finding one that matches your personality and one that will perfectly complement your favourite colours and designs is very important. Once you’ve shaped your nails and are at a stage where you feel that they’re healthy, you can start looking at adding gels and polishes.


But let’s face it, getting your nails done professionally is expensive. The chances are, if you want to have your nails taken care of by a professional, you’re likely going to be visiting them every few weeks, at least to maintain fresh looking nails. However, doing your own nails is actually very simple and can save you a fortune. Grab yourself an LED lamp, essential tools, and a selection of beautiful gel colours and let your creative side shine.

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