Workplace Conflicts: 3 Signs You May Need a Lawyer

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Nothing can sour the joy of getting a good job as quickly as a workplace conflict. With so much time spent at work, some minor conflicts are inevitable. However, it is important to acknowledge that some disputes are more than just disagreements of no consequence. If there is a law violation in the middle, you will need to take legal action to settle the issue.  

An important thing to know is that discrimination can take many forms, including harassment by supervisors or coworkers, hostility, or demeaning comments. Denial of privileges such as promotions or higher pay is also discriminatory behaviour.  If you have had some time off due to sickness or injury, your employer should be prepared to make any necessary reasonable adjustments to enable you to continue to do your job upon your return to work. Should they not be willing to do this, you may need to take a look at resources like this interactive process summary to learn about what your rights as an employee are, as well as when you might need legal support. 

Here are three signs may need to talk to an employment lawyer

Your Employer Broke a Part of Your Contract 

Getting into a dispute with the manager or supervisor over working hours, payments, overtime, or vacation time can be a daunting experience. Unfortunately, it happens all the time. Abusive employers take advantage of the legal jargon in contracts to avoid respecting employees’ rights. The fact that labor laws are intricate and confusing for a layperson doesn’t help. 

Breach of contract is a serious reason to hire a lawyer. Employment lawyers can review contracts, provide vital legal counsel and help employees understand and protect their rights in the face of abuse or unfair treatment. 

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You Are Facing Discrimination at Work 

If you’re facing discrimination of any kind in the workplace, you must file a complaint with the HR team. Nobody deserves to be treated unfairly due to things outside their control, such as age, religion, race, nationality, gender, or sexual orientation. Discrimination goes against values that define the modern world, like justice, fairness, and equality, so it has no place in a professional environment. 

Discrimination can affect your confidence, self-esteem, and mental health. Moreover, it can severely stunt your career progress. Do not tolerate being treated in a discriminatory manner in the workplace. Contact an employment lawyer to help you address the issue. Together, you can ensure your employer recognizes your rights. 

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Your Employer Is Threatening You with Termination  

Your boss threatening you with termination is not only scary and unpleasant, but it may also be illegal. There should be in your HR handbook which will guide you through what your employer can and can’t do. Termination threats are a good reason to seek an employment lawyer. The law does not allow employers to discharge an employee without reason. 

An employee fired without just cause can sue for wrongful termination. However, these situations are tricky because the law is very intricate and specific. Only an employment lawyer can determine if a person has a valid reason to file a wrongful termination claim. 

Being fired can have many negative consequences for you, your family, and your career. Contact a lawyer if you believe your employer violated your rights.  

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Final Words 

There’s nothing more disheartening than giving your best at work and then being treated unfairly by your boss or coworkers. Thankfully, you have the law on your side. Learn all about your legal rights as an employee. For any delicate problems, seek the advice of a highly qualified lawyer.  

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