4 Things to Keep in Mind About Dental Fillings

Dental professionals perform a variety of services to repair broken teeth. A chip or break in the tooth allows decay to form on and inside the tooth. Decay can lead to extractions and a need for tooth replacements. If the person visits their dentist, a dental professional can install a dental filling to prevent more damage and restore the tooth. By keeping four things in mind about getting a replacement filling, patients know what to expect during the appointment.  

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1. Dentists Use a Variety of Materials

Dental professionals use several materials when creating a dental filling. These materials include gold, silver, composite resin, and porcelain. The material choice could affect the price of the dental filling, how long it lasts, and how the filling looks.

Many dentists use a composite resin or porcelain when creating filling in the front of the mouth to make the teeth look more natural. However, some fillings could create a fashion statement if the person wants a gold or silver filling. The strength and durability of materials dictate the longevity of the dental filling. Patients who need a dental filling set up an appointment by contacting the Best Dentists In My Area now.  

2. How Are Fillings Installed?

When preparing for a filling, the dental professional drills away and removes all decay from the affected tooth. The dentist cleans the tooth and takes a better look at the tooth after the decay is gone.

Dental fillings are used to fill in holes or cavities in the teeth, but the dentist can use the same materials and techniques to reconstruct a damaged tooth. The materials are injected into the tooth, and the dentist sands the materials to create the appropriate shape. Once the application is ready, the dentist applies an ultraviolet lamp to cure the materials.  

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3. Fillings Are Not Permanent

Dental fillings are not permanent, and the patient may need maintenance completed. On average, the dental fillings last up to 10 to 15 years after the materials are cured by the dentist. However, longevity is based on how well the person manages their oral hygiene.

If the patient smokes or drinks stain-producing beverages, the dental fillings could be damaged, and the dentist will have to perform more repairs. The dental professional provides recommendations for the person to make the filling last longer. By following these practices, the dental fillings won’t become damaged, and the tooth remains intact.  


4. Dental Insurance Doesn’t Cover All the Costs

A common concern for individuals is how much it will cost to get a dental filling. Even with dental insurance, the coverage won’t pay 100% of the costs. Dental fillings are classified as preventative and reconstructive, and the insurance pays a lot of the price. The insurance carrier defines how much coverage is available to the patient, and the staff can contact the insurer to find out how much coverage the person has. 

Each year, the policyholder must pay their deductible before any insurance coverage applies to their dental services. The insurer can provide these details before the individual sets up the appointment. 

A dental filling is the best option for eliminating a cavity and correcting tooth damage. The corrective dental services prevent more decay from forming in the tooth and restore the tooth. By reviewing dental fillings, patients learn what to expect before and after the procedure.  When you’re ready to get your dental filling, you can reach out to this dentist in highlands ranch to get started.