Every Feature A Modern Garden Must Include

Every Feature A Modern Garden Must Include | Home Interiors | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Modern gardens are arranged in a very particular fashion, and a certain criterion must be met should you want one of your own. This is not something you can simply throw together while hoping for the best, though gardens can look quite nice that way too. 

While gardens have been responsible for the creation of modern art in the past, there is no reason that your garden cannot become modern art in and of itself. For all the misfortune the pandemic has wrought on everyone, more time spent at home means you can at least set some time aside to overhaul your garden area.

If you’re gunning for a modern theme, then you’ve come to the right place for tips and ideas. Here is everything that it simply must include. 

Slick Stone Paving 

Modern gardens have elements of a wider society within them, echoes of civilisation amidst all the natural foliage. 

If everything is dirt, grass, plants, and trees, then frankly there’s nothing modern about the garden. After all, each of these things has been around for millions of years, well before humans ever existed and construed the very concept of modernity. Therefore, something like some slick stone paving featuring in your garden can give off those hints of a refined civilization in a subtle, nuanced way. 

Every Feature A Modern Garden Must Include | Home Interiors | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

It’s already been established that paving arrangements can even add value to your home, so this is yet another incentive for their inclusion in your garden space. It makes the area seem more layered, and what’s modern is always multifaceted and dynamic. These are the kinds of effect paving achieves.  

All things considered, slick stone paving can ultimately just bring order and structure to your garden also. Is your garden a lump of grass, or is it a series of sprawling junctures with endless possibilities? Whether you’re carving pathways or laying the foundation for an outdoor bar or seating area, paving goes a long way in making your garden a truly modern space. 

Outdoor Furniture 

Doubling down on domesticising the garden area, bringing in some furniture is yet another crucial step in creating a modern garden. 

A lavish seating area will work wonders here, complete with cushions, futons, barbecue areas, and a bar. Hamptons Rattan sofa is also a great addition to an outdoor seating area. Visit La Maison for more Hamptons outdoor furniture. Round out the finesse with a few potted plants around the perimeter and a lavish table, and what you’ll have is a social hub where you, family, and friends can all coalesce and share in the good times. A modern garden is about clashing ideas being tamed and made harmonious, and bringing the inside outside is a big part of landing that ambience.


Every Feature A Modern Garden Must Include | Home Interiors | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Of course, some additional maintenance work will be required here. Only a few months back, The Guardian published a feature stating that “The most attention people pay is the day they buy [the outdoor furniture”, so it’s important not to swap your brains for beauty. Make sure you give all the furniture a good clean periodically. Exposure to the elements and sun’s UV rays is what gives it all a weather look, so some coverings, repaints, or rust removal wire bushes may be appropriate.

Stylish Fence Panels

Fence panels come in all shapes and sizes, imbued with many different styles and aesthetics. 

It has never been easier to find what you need here. Fence panels for your garden are readily provided by Buy Fencing Direct, with their great range specifically fashioned for the modern garden. Their contemporary offerings have a rating of 4.6 out of 5 based on 2,539 Trustpilot reviews, and they have a fence buying guide online to answer any anticipated queries you may have. If all of that’s not enough, anti-rot guarantees come with their products too. Ultimately, this is the kind of service that you can truly depend on when it comes to modern fences. 

Every Feature A Modern Garden Must Include | Home Interiors | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

With such a sprawling variety of modern fence panels at your fingertips, it’s almost impossible to take a wrong turn here. There are many designs that are far from standard, giving off an air of extravagance and sophistication should you so choose. From contemporary grey double slatted fences to feather edge panels, you’ll find it all here. 

Elaborate Water Features

Fountains have always been a staple of the garden area, but to land a modern feel, you really need to push the boat out here. 

The more elaborate the labyrinth of water flowing through your garden, the better. It could run between your paving stones or, if you have much space and resources at your disposal, you could even form your own little islands connected by small bridges. 

You can still introduce some attractive water features on a budget including koi pond ideas, and the artistic route is viable here too. Perhaps the water features could be smaller scale, but resemble statuesque inspirational figures or even some abstract concept that broadens the mind and touches the heart? With modernity, the goal is to drift away from what is ‘natural’ and instead channel acquired tastes, so utilise your water features with that goal in mind. Remember, they’re more than just outdoor taps! 

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