The Benefits and Side Effects of CBD Oil

We’ve all been hearing about CBD and THC. They go together like day and night. However, both of these compounds are a small part of everything that is present in marijuana and hemp. THC is responsible for making us feel high, while CBD is responsible for relaxing the body and making the pain go away.  

The Benefits and Side Effects of CBD Oil | Beauty | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

There are different brands on the market, and most people have trouble picking the best one. Every company claims tons of benefits, but only a few have been medically proven. We’re going to see what the best benefits are, as well as some of the side effects that come from using these types of oils. Click on this link to read more. 

Pain relief 

This one is right at the top for a reason, and that’s because most people use it to relieve pain. A couple of decades ago, two scientists in Israel discovered the endocannabinoid system, also known as ECS. It seems weird that we didn’t find out about this system much sooner because people have been using marijuana for more than five thousand years.  

The main role of this system is to keep the body in homeostasis, which means balance. Well, you might be saying to yourself that the body is always in balance. That’s not the case. When you’re playing sports, there is a possibility of getting injured. Let’s say that you slip and sprain your ankle.  

At the start, you’re going to feel sharp pain right above the ankle, but after a few minutes, it will go away. Everything will seem normal until you try to step on the same foot again. This is because the ECS is sending endocannabinoids in that area to reduce the pain while the area gets healed.  

It’s like having a superpower. The combination of cannabidiol and THC is the best when it comes to treating pain in humans, and there are lots of studies that confirm this. It helps patients with multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and even back pain. Visit this link for more info

Battling depression and anxiety 

Depression and anxiety are the two things that can quickly destroy the life of every single person. No one knows when they will strike, and the impacts cover everything from general wellbeing to overall health. Even the World Health Organization has taken notice of these disorders. They claim that depression is the biggest contributor to disability.  

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That’s scary. Also, studies were performed on students today, and their stress levels are as high as those of Luckily, CBD oil can help with that and not only for humans but for dogs and cats as well. You can visit this site to find the best and high quality dog products by CBD.

It’s one of the things that helps people much more than medications such as benzodiazepines. Mental health medications are addictive, and most of the time, the people that use them have the tendency to abuse the substances.  

Additionally, most people today have a problem with public speaking. For many, it’s one of the things they fear most. A few drops of the oil are exceptionally efficient in reducing anxiety during tests and events. It’s also one of the best things that post-traumatic stress disorder patients can use.  

Again, this is all due to the endocannabinoid system. A full-spectrum CBD oil interacts with our serotonin receptors, and that increases the hormones that improve mood. That’s serotonin and dopamine. The same results have been confirmed in animal studies. On industrytap you can learn a lot about the full-spectrum CBD oil.

Heart health 

The number one killer in the world is heart disease. This organ doesn’t discriminate, and it can happen to anyone without any warning. The main reason for this is high blood pressure. There is a lot of sodium and sugar in processed foods, and people generally don’t exercise as much as before.  

We all live a sedentary lifestyle in front of our computers, and all those factors combined are disastrous for the heart. As soon as you have elevated blood pressure, you have a higher risk of having a stroke or a heart attack. The good news here is that CBD can help.  

CBD oil and how it helps with aches and pains | Health | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

It helps in reducing resting blood pressure, and it also doesn’t let the body spike that much after a meal. This is because the properties of cannabidiol are stress-reducing, which means that it has the ability to lower blood pressure. The same thing was seen in animal studies, where researchers looked at inflammation in mice.  

What about the side effects? 

There still hasn’t been a single death case from CBD overdose, and that’s because there’s not a single way in which that can happen. This substance is not psychoactive, and after you have enough in your organism, it just passes through. Taking more will be like downing an extra vitamin C pill in the morning. 

However, different people can react to it in various ways. Some people have reported feeling more fatigued as soon as they take it. Others had diarrhea until their bodies got used to it. You might also feel a slight change in your weight and appetite.  

CBD has the tendency to make you hungry, so keep your snacks away for that time, and get a few vegetables and fruits nearby. You shouldn’t use it if you are taking liver medications because it can interfere with them. 

Also, if you can’t eat grapefruit in your diet, you probably shouldn’t be taking CBD because of the P450 cytochromes. Apart from that, it’s completely safe to use, and you can even give some of it to your dog or cat.