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Company Cars | Economical Cars for Businesses | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog
Business Cars

Company Cars – Where to Begin

Businesses in many different industries will need company cars as part of their operation. Whether this is to visit clients, to make deliveries or simply as a means for employees to get from A to B. It is important that you find the perfect automobile for your needs. And also one which will not a fortune as motoring can be a huge expense. On top of all this, a great company car can also do wonders for your brand reputation too.

Tax Considerations

So, how do you go about finding the right company car? First, you need to consider that a company car will have an impact on tax as HMRC. See company cars as Benefit in Kind (BIK) which has an impact on tax due from monthly PAYE salary. The amount you’ll pay in tax will depend on the amount that you earn, your tax code and the type of vehicle. You will pay a lower premium on cleaner vehicles with low CO2 emissions. So it is worth keeping this in mind when in the market for a company car.


You must also consider the purpose of the vehicle and how many people will be travelling in it on a regular basis. This should help you to identify a suitable class. So that you can research and find a great model within this class. As an example, if you will be travelling to meetings with multiple employees then a business executive or family car can be a good option. Whilst if it is only to be used by one or two employees in and around the city then a supermini could be a good option.

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As a business, you will always want to keep the running costs of a company car down too. It is for this reason why it is worth opting for an automobile with high mpg. As this could save your company a huge amount at the pump each month. The best way to save money is to purchase a second hand and this can also make insurance more affordable too.

Company Cars | Economical Cars for Businesses | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Good Options

Reliable, practical and economical automobiles like the Ford Fiesta can be a great option and can be found for affordable prices from places like AA Cars. Other good company cars which tick all of the boxes include the Peugeot 208, the Vauxhall Corsa, the VW Polo and the Renault Clio.

Company cars are an integral part of the operation for businesses in many industries. This means that you must take the time to find the perfect vehicle for your businesses needs. And one which will not cost a fortune in terms of purchase price, tax and running cost. So make sure that these are the key factors that you are considering when in the market for a company car.

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