5 Top Places To Eat On Your Staycation

When you need a break, what do you often decide to do? Whether you fancy booking a short city break, or a week in the sun, it’s often tempting to go down the overseas route – because it’s what we’ve come to know. However, you might benefit from a staycation, by saying right on your doorstep. With a staycation, you can take all of your travel essentials, without the worry of your baggage being overweight. And, what’s more, you get to enjoy some of our country’s finest foods and eating houses!

There are some beautiful cities and towns in the UK as well as coastal resorts and more rural retreats. There truly is so much beauty in the United Kingdom that we don’t appreciate. From the hills of the Lake District to the shores of the North East coast all the way to Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland and the rolling hills of Scotland. Choosing a staycation will allow you to explore your country like never before.

The Coast

Maybe the Coast is calling your name? Whether you live in a city, or the country, you can often feel as if you need to visit the coast, to take in the fresh air and relive your childhood memories. Sometimes, that calming coastal vibe is all you need to feel refreshed. Oh, and the food, of course. There’s nothing quite like eating on the coast. Whether you pop into beachfront fish and chip shop and enjoy your salt and vinegar dunked delights straight out of the paper, or head to a fancy restaurant, you have to eat our nation’s most loved dish when you visit the coast.

Admittedly I feel at home at the coast, when I can see the sea having lived in a coastal town not too far from Newcastle all of my life. Whitley Bay and Tynemouth are essential to visit if you’re looking to make great memories by the seaside. Tenby in Wales and Falmouth in Cornwall are also spots where we absolutely love what the coastal towns have to offer.

5 Top Places To Eat On Your Staycation 1

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Your Hometown

If you’re the kind of person that travels a lot and always heads to the furthest corner of the globe when it comes to holidays, then you might benefit by staying in your hometown. There’s probably a lot that you haven’t explored, including incredible places to eat. Perhaps there’s a nice restaurant in your town that you’ve always wanted to try, but have never gotten around to? Well now’s the time to do it!

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The City

When you visit a local city, like London, you can be spoilt for choice when it comes to food. So, you’re going to want to plan this one out wisely. Consider your options and draw up a list of what you’d like to eat the most. Whether it’s international cuisine, or even a gastropub, like The Driver, you know you’re in for a treat, so it’s best to get your bookings in quick and work your way through that list.

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The Countryside

If you live in a big city, then sometimes the countryside is the perfect retreat for you. Regardless of which part of the country you choose to head to, you will find a wealth of culinary delights is available to you. Although you’ll find much of the same as where you’re from, you won’t be the kinds of home cooking you can find in the country. So on your peaceful retreat, indulge in Great British classics, just like your Grandmother made.

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Across The Border Staycation

Sometimes, all you need to do is hop over the border, and you’ve got yourself the breakaway of dreams. Although you may have visited a few places across the country, you might want to think about nipping over to Wales. Throughout its beautiful lands, Wales has a wealth of insanely incredible restaurants, comprising of a range of cuisines, that can also guide you through Wales.


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