5 Reasons Why Matcha Green Tea is really good for Weight Loss?

Now I’ve said it before and I say it every day. I love green tea. You know I could drink it for England. First of all, let me admit I probably drink close to 6 cups a day. It’s because I can’t function in the morning or go to sleep in an evening without a cup of green tea.

Often people say it’s an acquired taste but it’s my favourite drink and I even enjoy it served over ice. I adore green tea in all its forms but I love nothing more than Matcha Green Tea and oh boy it’s green.

So Matcha Tea for those who don’t know is graded on the colour of the tea. This is easy to determine, the greener and vibrant the tea the better grade quality you have.

Dream Matcha has got to be hands down one of my favourite Matcha teas I’ve ever tasted. Not only does it come in a fabulous screw-top box to keep it fresh.

5 Reasons Why Matcha Green Tea is really good for Weight Loss?

Therefore I always keep my Matcha in the fridge for an even crisper taste. The rich green colour ensures that this Ceremonial grade has the highest concentration of amino acids. Which are great for the day after the gym. For rebuilding strength and aiding muscle recuperation. Just what I needed today after yesterday’s tough session.


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This tea by Dream Matcha has bright grassy notes. Which are softened by the creamy amino acids, and is an absolute delight to drink.

The correct way to prepare Matcha is as follows (it’s almost as if it’s a ceremony – take the enjoyment out of preparing and making it):

Scoop a small amount of your Matcha into your bowl via a sifter to remove any lumps. Which helps to create a smooth delicious bowl of Matcha.

Add a small amount of cold water and use a warm whisk until it’s blended perfectly. Then add hot water. Not boiling as this breaks down the nutrients in the tea and also gives it a bitter taste.

Matcha is a great source of antioxidants. Which are great for detoxing and helping with the absorption of vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins into the bloodstream. It is also a fantastic weight loss aid.

Another great thing about Matcha Tea is that one-cup is the equivalent of drinking 10 cups of green tea. Consequently in the sense of minerals and vitamins as well as aiding the speeding up of your metabolism.


Matcha win for Celebrities

Big named brands such as Starbucks in the USA now serve a Matcha Green Tea which is served cold with cream. Big celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Kylie Jenner and the Olsen twins have been seen to be enjoying the health benefits that Matcha presents.

I personally believe in drinking it every day as the energy properties contained in the high-grade Dream Matcha set me up for my busy daily schedule.

Dream Matcha comes highly recommended as a purchase if you enjoy Matcha already, as it’s enjoyable flavour, if you’re new to the Matcha world then this is the tea to try for getting into Matcha.

It’s not strictly for drinking with hot water there are many recipes online for Matcha Lattes, Matcha Cakes, Matcha Cookies, Matcha Ice Cream. A favourite of mine is the Passionfruit and Matcha naked ‘cheesecake’ from The Naked Deli in Newcastle it’s simply gorgeous.

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5 Reasons Why Matcha Green Tea is really good for Weight Loss? 1

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