List of Survival tools that can save your life

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Be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Check out our list of the top ten survival tools you need to build the ultimate toolkit. 

Here are the Most Romantic Camping Spots in the UK | Travel Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Survival situations

Survival situations can arise in any place, at any time. Their unpredictable nature makes them particularly perilous, regardless of whether you are a seasoned adventurer or simply a wayward tourist. 

Having the right tools at hand during an emergency can make the difference between life and death. A survival kit with the right tools can be key to coming out of an unprecedented situation unscathed. 

The type of survival tools you need can vary based on location, climate, and circumstances. However, there are some essential tools without which your survival kit would be incomplete. A prepaid travel sim from Simify, for example, is one thing that you cannot underestimate. It is a vital communication tool and can help in many ways. This article will provide a list of the survival tools that can end up saving your life. 

10 survival tools that can save your life:

  • Navigation equipment
  • First Aid kit
  • Firestarter
  • Body armor
  • Survival knife
  • Whistle
  • Signal mirror
  • Cordage
  • Flashlight 
  • Filtered water bottle 

Navigation equipment consists of a map and a compass. With the advent of smartphones boasting GPS systems, the role of compasses has been reduced. However, this old-school device still comes in handy for emergencies where a battery-dependent GPS may fail to be of use. A map and a compass are essential tools for finding your way around when you are lost, and learning how to use them for navigation is a crucial survival skill. 

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First Aid kit

Having a first aid kit and basic first aid knowledge could be a life-saving tool in an emergency. Your kit should contain antibacterial ointment, antiseptic, alcohol, bandages, gauze, painkillers, and anti-allergy medication. You should also pack medication for any underlying health condition, like diabetes or an allergy.


Fire is essential for cooking, keeping warm, signaling rescuers, and generally staying safe, making a fire starter kit an indispensable survival tool. To make a fire starter kit, you need to pack matches, lighters, strikers or flint, and a magnifying glass lens into a sealed, waterproof bag. This way, you will have several methods at your disposal to start a fire. 

Body armor

Body armor is vital in situations where you fear getting shot, stabbed, or assaulted. Body armor from MiraSafety provides level 4 protection, while its lightweight structure enables you to move with minimal restriction. Body armor gives you ballistic protection and is a reliable way to feel secure amidst violent or unpredictable circumstances. 

Survival knife

A survival knife is useful for cutting rope or cord, carving wood, preparing food, and defending yourself. When it comes to survival knives, it is important to look for a good quality one with a sharp, serrated blade that is not easily breakable. 

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A whistle is handy if you are lost or separated from a group. It can be used to signal others of your location and can make rescues easier and faster. Whistles are more effective than screaming when alerting rescue services because people can hear them over a longer distance. 

Signal mirror

A signal mirror is a great tool for signaling your location to rescuers by using the mirror’s flash. These mirrors are the most effective during bright, sunny days but are also function al during cloudy weather. 


Cordage can be used for climbing, hanging clothes and food supplies, making shelter and traps, and fastening your supplies together. Paracord is a common type of cordage used in survival kits, which has enough strength to hold 550 pounds of weight without snapping in half. 


A flashlight is a must-have survival tool, especially when finding your way around in the dark. Make sure to carry extra batteries for your emergency flashlight. 

Filtered water bottle 

A filtered water bottle comes with an installed water filter system that gets rid of bacteria and algae that may be found in water obtained from lakes and rivers. This bottle helps you secure a supply of safe drinking water in an emergency.


Being prepared is essential

Getting through survival situations can be tough, but with the right tools at your disposal, your chances of making it out alive and unharmed are significantly higher. After reading this article, you should have the information you need to pack a survival toolkit that consists of tools that can end up saving your life in an emergency. 

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