5 Tips for Maintaining Gildan Shirts

5 Tips for Maintaining Gildan Shirts

Learning how to maintain and wash your Gildan shirts. This makes them look better as well as last longer. Isn’t it good when you don’t have to bother about getting them damaged or worn out before their time? This is what you want. This article offers you some tips for maintaining your Gildan t-shirts. Keep reading.

5 Tips for Maintaining Gildan Shirts

How to Take Care of Your Gildan T-shirts 

If you want your Gildan shirts to last long and stay fresh, there are certain things you ought to know. Below are a few tips for you.

Use the right washer setting

Irrespective of the type of clothing you want to wash polo, dress, or blouse), it’s essential to wash most clothes in the least harsh setting of a machine. Your washing machine has a unique label for this. Go for what’s delicate or gentle. A gentle cycle should be used to remove a bunch of the wear and tear in a washer. This is important for delicate fibres.

Fabrics like denim are more durable. And you can use the normal setting to wash it. Make it a habit to read the label on your clothing. Use your clear judgment while handling certain items. You may wash some t-shirts with other coloured clothing. But to maintain the brightness and colour, wash them alone. 

Wash your Gildan shirts inside out 

No aid about the most proficient method to keep garments looking fresh can be completed without this. It’s also the easiest to overlook. Ensure that you turn your Gildan shirts inside out before placing them in the washer. Just a spin cycle can put a ton of mileage on a dress. It is smarter to expose the inside of your garments to the brunt of harm than the display side. Again, assuming you wash something with sequins, beans, and buttons, it won’t fall off or loose when washed from the inside out.

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Use the right detergent

Your clothes will always look fresh and new when you choose the best detergent. Nonetheless, not all clothing cleansers are the same. Some are explicitly made for fragile fabrics and can prevent discolouration and shrinkage. Additionally, powdered cleansers are more brutal on clothes. So go for the liquid type.

Also, you can find detergents that are made from plant-based materials. There are lots of them in the market. You can find online reviews for several brands. 

Only use cold water 

Washing with hot water is often harsh on most fabrics. They’ll wear out faster. Save the hot water for soiled stuff – for example, dirty sheets, gardening clothes, and sports uniforms. Wash other clothes in cold water. That the label on a clothe says ‘wash in hot water doesn’t mean cold water will ruin it. The result will mostly be the same. The threads will also be in good shape. After You wash with cold water, also rinse with cold water until those sides disappear. Then squeeze out excess water gently – don’t wring.

While using a washer, don’t tumble dry your Gildan shirts because this can make them shrink. Simply hang them inside out and avoid them from being in direct contact with sunlight. 

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Don’t use chlorine bleach

Vinegar is an acceptable household ingredient. It has a lot of benefits. With vinegar, you can naturally brighten your clothes. Along these lines, you shouldn’t be tempted to use chlorine bleach. This bleach will always wear out the fibres of your fabric. Using a natural product is more user and environmentally friendly. 


Taking care of your Gildan t-shirts is simple. Your clothes will always look fresh and last long if you use the tips discussed in this article.

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