How to Choose Good Wholesale Hair Products

Wholesale Hair Products | Girl with long black hair | 8 Easy Ways to Maintain a Hairstyle | Beauty | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination

If you are running a salon, or take care of hair professionally, you know how important it is to have the types of hair care products that fit your clients’ needs. To serve clients with different needs, it is important to be able to get products that will cater to different customers of different ethnicities. A product that works well for a Black person is not suitable for a white person because of differences in hair texture.

Someone who has natural curls may be looking to either tame or celebrate their twirly locks. The best way to keep costs down and please all your customers is to shop for products at wholesale prices. You can use the wholesale hair products on your customers, but you can resell many of them to your customers to support your business and help them properly care for their own hair between visits.

Why Choose a Good Wholesale Distributor for Your Salon?

There are a lot of people who place a little extra trust and expect a bit more TLC from their hairdresser than they do from other service providers in their lives. Living up to that trust can sometimes make or break you as a stylist or your whole salon. Although you need the products you use to be affordable, you also need to know that they are quality products that will help your customers get the most from their hair.

Wholesale Hair Products | Girl with long black hair | 8 Easy Ways to Maintain a Hairstyle | Beauty | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination

By getting your wholesale hair products from a knowledgeable company committed to distributing quality products, you’ll be able to stay within your budget and find the products your customers need. Here are some things to keep in mind as you shop.

Quality of Product

Whether a customer is looking for the best way to care for their own hair or is out for a bit of pampering at the salon, they are most likely counting on quality products like an anti humidity spray. Haircare products that are just okay can be picked up at a drug store or supermarket.

Shopping at a salon should deliver excellence, whether the product is something to use on special occasions or every day. Each customer that uses the products from your salon offers potential feedback to anyone they know. The more the products please them, the more referrals there will be for you.

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Whether a customer is grabbing shampoo and conditioner, styling products, or tools for fixing their hair, like combs, brushes, and even irons, the ability to get a good product that will help them keep their hair healthy and looking great will assure that they continue to appreciate the true value of shopping at their salon.


Another perk of buying hair care products at a salon is being able to tap into the knowledge of the stylist. Face it, no one at the drug store is going to have meaningful knowledge of the best shampoo or hair gel. Taking some notes about popular products will impress your customers and allow you to cater to a variety of needs.

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Knowing your customer base and what they need is also important. While you may be known for caring for a certain type of hair, it is important to keep up your knowledge on other types as well. Be willing to take constructive feedback and learn from your customers in order to pass on even more knowledge in the future.


Most customers will be willing to spend a bit more on products they buy at the salon, but it is still important to have plenty of options available that will bring varying budgets. The most expensive products won’t always be the best. Being able to buy your most popular products in bulk will help keep costs reasonable for you.

Talk to the customers about the products you are using on their hair that day, including any special combs or brushes that you may sell as well. Having the right products will help them keep up their style for longer and give them a greater sense of investing in themselves. Whether they buy one thing, or stock up with a new commitment to their beauty routine, remind them how much you appreciate their business and let them know you would like to hear how they like their purchase.

Flexible Payment

To have a good inventory of hair care products for your salon, you may sometimes have to get more than you are able to pay for right up front. Running a business is hard, and a salon is no different. Trying to scrape by with small quantities or lower quality products just to save money can easily backfire. It may make you look like you don’t fully believe in yourself and your business.

A good hair product wholesaler understands that many businesses are a work in progress and will allow for flexible payment options that take advantage of the times when your business is doing well. In addition to hair care products that you can resell in your salon, you can also find other salon supplies, such as chairs, hair dryers, clips, combs, scissors, clippers, and more at wholesale prices that can help you get the look and feel of your salon just right.

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