5 Cool Things To Have Around The House

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Looking for new and inventive items to add to your home? There are countless essentials that you don’t know you need until you purchase and use them. In this article, we will introduce you to five home essentials that you should consider adding to your household. You won’t believe how useful these items are until you get them home and start using them regularly.

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Kool8 Water Bottle

Water bottles are water bottles, right? Well, that is unless the water bottle you have is one made by Kool8. Not only is this a stainless steel water bottle, but it comes with several amazing features. The double-walled vacuum insulation design keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for hours. Not just minutes. The bottle comes with a tea infuser which turns it into a tea thermos instantly.

The fact that it is made from stainless steel means the Kool8 water bottle is eco-friendly, reducing the amount of plastic and other materials required to produce single-use water bottles.

The modern design makes it a must-have for anyone on the go or just to keep on a counter for whenever you need to take a sip of whatever you choose to fill the bottle with. The custom label water bottles modern design makes it a must-have for anyone on the go or just to keep on a counter for whenever you need to take a sip of whatever you choose to fill the bottle with.

Plus, these water bottles are sturdy and can take a licking which means you will want to carry it wherever you go hiking, biking, walking, commuting, or just to have at home.

Incense Sticks

What comes to mind when you hear the words incense sticks? Probably your mind is transformed to a mellow, smoke-filled scene with sitar music as the soundtrack and tie-dye is the fashion. While you may not be too far off the mark with that, it is important to note that incense sticks have gone mainstream and provide many different benefits. Because the incense sticks are made up of an aromatic material, they are popular in aromatherapy.

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Imagine the scent of musk, sandalwood, myrrh, cinnamon, frankincense, or patchouli filling your home or workspace. Incense sticks are used much the same way as essential oil diffusers are to introduce calming scents into a room or area to aid in promoting relaxation. The sticks are easy to use and the smoke they produce dissipates quickly within the space it is released. Need to calm down after a long day? Incense sticks will get that job done for you.

Blackout Curtains

Have problems sleeping? Believe it or not, you may benefit from installing blackout curtains in your bedroom. Blackout curtains are just as the name implies – they are attractive curtains that contain a decorative pattern or fabric on the front but have a blackout layer that coats the back of them.

The blackout layer is a tightly-woven fabric designed to block light and some styles use foam or rubber on the back to form a solid block preventing light from entering the room. These curtains will block out 99% of the light from passing which creates a totally dark, black room that is perfect for sleep and relaxation. They are also effective in keeping a room completely dark during daylight hours making these the perfect choice for shift workers or households with people on different schedules. Or, if you are not feeling well and choose to stay home for the day, blackout curtains will help you to rest better.

Dual Shower Head

This is another must-have home essential that is easy to visualize. That’s because a dual shower head is just that – two shower heads joined in a single unit. The showerheads are different in that one is fixed but the other one is a hand-held shower head. What this means is that you can stand under the fixed shower head and use the hand-held one to reach those places that the fixed one can’t.

Dream Bathroom: What Are The 7 Key Ingredients? | Home Interiors | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Or, you can set them in any configuration you choose to personalize your showering experience. Switch between the two of them or use both at once to create a spa-like setting in your shower. Use the hand-held shower head to provide an invigorating massage on sore muscles or just for a deep clean. Essentially, dual shower heads bring a lot of flexibility to your shower time. With two heads that can be set to spray differently, you get the most out of your shower and feel great doing so.

Home Theater Projector

Turn your living room or den into a home theater with a home video projector. What this does is it projects what you would normally see on your television screen onto a wall. This creates a much larger image than the biggest flat-screen television can and enhances everything from movies, to sports and gaming. The high quality of the projection makes viewing pleasurable from anywhere in the room and acts much like a commercial theater minus the screen.

Home video projectors are meant to be used with ambient light so there is no need to completely darken the room or wait until late evening to enjoy the full benefits of a giant image projected onto the wall. With digital quality, professional sound, and high brightness that works in rooms with other light sources, you can’t beat the overall experience. You’ll never look at a flat-screen TV ever again once you have a home theater projector installed.

Final Thoughts

With the New Year already underway, why not celebrate a new beginning by adding some new and interesting things to your home. The home essentials outlined above are just a few examples of innovative products that are available to increase your enjoyment of your home. The list above is also meant to inspire you to search online to find other great products and household ideas that will enhance the time you spend in your house.

Once you start looking, you will soon discover that there are countless tools, gadgets, and products in the marketplace that are specifically to make home life far more enjoyable. But don’t just take our word for it. Get out there and start looking at home essentials that will fit your budget and lifestyle.

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