Feeling Anxious Lately? Here Are A Couple Of Ways To Relax

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Feeling Anxious Lately? Here Are A Couple Of Ways To Relax | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Unfortunately, a lot of people deal with anxiety on a daily basis, especially in the last year, anxiety spiked on a global level due to the circumstances. But how do you approach those feelings and help yourself the right way? Thankfully, there are a lot of clever ways to relax and calm yourself instantly, so you can continue your daily tasks. So if you are feeling anxious lately, here are a couple of ways to relax! 

Feeling Anxious Lately? Here Are A Couple Of Ways To Relax | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Don’t ignore the symptoms

A lot of people make the mistake of ignoring symptoms of anxiety and shrugging it off – this can create a lot of problems, as bottled emotions are never good! So your first step is to recognize the symptoms of anxiety and act on them immediately! Self-awareness is one step closer to getting better, no matter if it’s your first time dealing with anxiety or not! If you decide to just go along with your day while feeling like you’re about to pass out, you won’t get better and you’ll just prolong your suffering throughout the day! 


Meditation takes many different forms, but it should relax both your mind and your body at the same time. You can go the simple route and start your meditative journey by doing simple yoga or you can add relaxing supplements like CBD for added effects. This is great if you have trouble relaxing and staying still. Useful products such as CBD te and oils are available everywhere, and you can even grab them for a lower price as you can see from this website – so getting the supplies won’t be a hassle. The hard part is staying still and actually meditating – with a mix of meditative exercises, relaxing supplements, and breathing you can achieve anything! 

Have a mantra

There are many ways to battle anxiety, certain methods work more than others, but one method is proven to be effective – and that is the so-called 3-3-3 rule. As soon as you start feeling common symptoms of anxiety, you should focus on three different things around you, look for three different objects, three different colors, move three parts of your body and do this until you feel relaxed. This is one of the clever ways to ease your brain by focusing on solid things when your mind’s going a hundred miles per hour! 

Feeling Anxious Lately? Here Are A Couple Of Ways To Relax | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Start a hobby

If your life revolves around work or school, it can be extremely stressful to cope, especially when you have anxiety on top of that. You can always start a new, interesting hobby to do when you are going through those feelings. Doing something creative can shift your thoughts, and your focus, so your brain can relax a little bit and not be overwhelmed by anxiety. Also just indulging in activities that bring you joy like watching your favorite tv shows and reading books can lower your anxiety, or at least help you shift focus from it! 


As seemingly insignificant as it may sound, breathing correctly can actually help you battle anxiety and ease the symptoms right away. There are a lot of effective breathing exercises you can try out and see what works best for you. This is a perfect solution if you are on the go and find yourself feeling a bit anxious, you can do this anywhere! Breathe through your nose and exhale deeply through your mouth a few times, it can do the trick just fine! Even if you are experiencing mild symptoms of anxiety, just taking a few moments to fix your breathing can do a lot, especially if you turn it into a habit, you’ll train your body to calm down!

Feeling Anxious Lately? Here Are A Couple Of Ways To Relax | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Talk to loved ones

There is nothing like talking to your friends and family, it just brings your mood up and all your worries seem to disappear in the presence of your loved ones. So if you are feeling anxious, it’s best that you call someone you love and just tell them how you’re feeling at the moment! This is also a great way to distract yourself, especially if you need to do something around town, invite them to come along with you or at least talk to them through the phone! Being able to talk about how you feel and let those anxious thoughts go should be your priority! 

At the end of the day, everyone deals with their emotions differently – what works for one person, might not work for someone else. So the key thing when dealing with anxiety is that you need to find what makes you calm and happy in those hard moments. Trying out multiple proven to work tips can be a great start! 

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