Everything You Need to Know About the Hair Straightener Cancer Lawsuit

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Chemical hair straightener lawsuits assert that L’Oreal and other companies’ straighteners can lead to uterine cancer and other health problems. Manufacturers are accused of failing to alert consumers that their goods may raise the risk of uterine cancer and other forms of cancer. You can speak with a lawyer to know more about the uterine […]

Understanding the Value of a Health Care Plan in Managing Healthcare Costs

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Health cash plans can help to improve employees’ mental and physical well-being, they provide a variety of benefits from services they give you. Usually, health cash plans only cover mental problems and medical issues that employees might have, many health cash plans provide a range of different services and helplines to choose from that can […]

The Rising Health Problem Like Hypothyroidism Needs Some Attention!

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Do you know that one in ten Canadians have thyroid problems or aren’t even aware of their ailment? Nearly 1 in 50 people in Canada suffer from an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) at some stage. It primarily affects women. If your T4 level is low while your TSH is high, you are a hypothyroidism patient. The […]

What are the worst and most extreme risks of having Skin Cyst Removal surgery?

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If you are planning to undergo skin cyst removal, you should contact a reputed doctor with a proven track record. Before surgery, the doctor will likely do a physical examination and prescribe imaging tests like an ultrasound or CT scan to pinpoint the cyst’s size and location. The doctor may also take a sample of […]

How to easily spot and understand the 4 types of OCD?

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Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental health condition characterized by intrusive and persistent thoughts and behaviors. It can cause severe distress, making it difficult to manage day-to-day life. Knowing the four types of OCD can help you identify and understand your own symptoms or those of a loved one.  Contamination Obsessions The first type of […]

5 Reasons your child should visit a Pediatric Dentist for better Dental Health

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A visit to the pediatric dentist can be daunting, especially for children. But the good news is that dentists specializing in this age group are worth their weight in gold. The main reason they offer vastly superior care to a general dentist is that they specialize in only children, meaning they know how to address […]

Ceramic veneer is the best option for you – discover the reasons why?

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When it comes to dental clinical practice, the aesthetic treatment for an interior tooth is challenging. However, their dental materials have evolved with all the available therapeutic choices, comprising ceramic veneers. Today, you can get ceramic veneers, inlays, and ceramic crowns. In such situations, it is the patient and the dentist who will decide what […]

How Can A Chiropractor Heal Rotator Cuff Injury In The Shoulder?

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Many athletes who participate in contact sports such as boxing, football, and hockey call upon their shoulders to meet the physical demands of their games. A rotator cuff is a group of four muscles that work together to give the shoulder its range of motion. These muscles are vital for controlling the head and performing […]

5 Amazing Benefits Of Chiropractic Care

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Studies show nearly 65 million of the US population suffer from back pain. It is also the sixth most costly condition for treatment in the country.  Many of these people find interest in finding the solution for their pain. Some would seek alternatives to alleviate their suffering. Research shows that chiropractic care can help relieve […]