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Dublin’s Best Kept Secrets

The capital of the emerald isles. Dublin is the preconception of Ireland embodied. From Guinness to the clandestine atmosphere that the Irish are famous for....

How to Choose a Good Wedding Photographer

No other event in your life will put your organizing skills to the test as much as a wedding will. Planning a wedding means making...
Ladyship Titles - Gifts for Chief Bridesmaids

Gifts for the Chief Bridesmaid

So I'm a lady. Frequent readers amongst you probably have been following my posts about the wedding that seems to have taken forever to arrive. A wedding where...

#TheModernMarriage – Just how far has marriage come?

It's funny. It only seems like the blink of an eye that I was running care free around a schoolyard and now my life is flashing past...

How to Plan the Perfect Bachelorette Party

So, it’s up to you to plan the perfect bachelorette party for your BFF? She’s finally going to tie the knot. But before she does,...

“It’s hard enough being a bachelor at a Wedding. It’s even harder being a...

When the invite dropped through my letterbox at the beginning of the year. First of all, I opened it up thinking it was an invite to Pippa...
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Be a fashion flamingo in a flock of pigeons: Summer drop with intu Metrocentre

It's rallying towards Summer and that means only one thing. The high Summer fashion drop has landed in stores. You may remember a couple of...

10 Tips For The Perfect Hen Party

Love or hate them, hen parties are part of the process of getting married in many cultures around the world. And while hen party traditions...
Wedding Traditions and Cultures around the World | Wedding Guide | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

What they didn’t tell you about Wedding Planning – by the Chief Bridesmaid

As a little girl, dressing your Barbie up in her wedding dress, making her walk down the aisle whilst singing an out of tune Wedding...

Planning A Hen Party? Nail Your Theme With These Three Great Ideas

Planning any kind of social event can be a little daunting. Often, a lot of organising is involved, which can all but take over your life. Then...