Sometimes we all need time to unwind and remove ourselves from our mundane working lives. Most people spend a long time out of the house every day due to their commitments, and occasionally we all need to take some time out for ourselves. With that in mind, this article containsRead More →


Over the last few weeks, I feel that there’s been a relatively hostile feeling in ‘blogosphere’ mainly down to jealousy, mainly down to bitchiness and people not wanting to celebrate the achievements of others. It has really bugged me and it is kind of upsetting especially when you see peopleRead More →

No matter if you’re brand new on your scene or you’ve been in your industry years what you bring to the table is unique.  You have a set of skills and a vision unlike any other. People may have similar ideas, they may be parallel in your logic, but youRead More →

Another guest blogger post for you today all about heartbreak. Enjoy, let us know your thoughts in the comment below It’s when you’re finally giving up, the best things happen. When you feel like you can’t go on anymore, you can’t hope for good, you can’t wait anymore, you can’tRead More →